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   Chapter 75 How

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The car soon arrived at the appointed place in the suburb. After the driver left, Ivy was a little afraid of the deserted suburb, but she did not retreat. She secretly cheered for herself in the heart. Ivy, you can't be afraid. It's all right! It's all right!

Right at this moment, she suddenly heard a familiar voice. It was getting closer and closer. When she came closer, she was startled to find that it was Edgar's voice!

She was confused, 'why is he here?'? He had disappeared for three days, and now he was here. She had to be surprised, so she walked up quietly

"Tell me, why did you betray me?" Edgar was wearing a long red wind coat, the corner of which fluttered casually with the wind, and his cold eyes were coldly staring at the man kneeling in front of him.

"No, my boss, I didn't!" the man replied immediately.

At this moment, Ivy, squatting in the grass, frowned. The surprised expression on her face rose again.

The voice sounded so familiar. Oh, yes, it was the voice of Edward. The man kneeling on the ground was Edward.

She wondered why they were here? And so mysterious.

So, she gathered up her thoughts and listened carefully.

Edgar stood there coldly. The men behind him lowered their heads, not daring to look into his eyes.

They didn't expect that the traitor in the Shadow turned out to be Edward. That surprised the men behind Edgar.

"Now I ask you again why you betray me!" Edgar howled. Then, he took a gun out of his pocket.

He took a cold look at Edward and then lo

tly, and her wet eyes flashed a trace of pity. She felt sorry for her child. This child was destined to be tough, because he had a ruthless father.

No, she made the decision in her heart. She couldn't let her child become as cold and cruel as him.

Ivy finally decided that she would leave him forever. Yes, she would leave him forever. And she would go with her baby.

Therefore, when Ivy figured out what she should do, she stood up quietly, turned around and left quietly.

Usually, it was hard to find a taxi in suburb, so Ivy didn't stop at all. She dragged her legs and went back to the apartment slowly. She couldn't leave now, because she couldn't get in touch with her friend Celine. She didn't know how to survive with her pregnant belly.

All she could do was to pretend that nothing had happened. She had to be patient. She had to wait until the baby was born. She had to get in touch with Celine, because she found that besides Celine, she could only asked Edgar for help. How miserable it was.

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