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   Chapter 74 Strange Message

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The media reported that Mr. Edgar, the young successor of Hengli Group, was from the Shadow Group of America. According to hearsay, no groups thriving in America these years could surpass the Shadow. In the past two years, besides the operations in America, the Shadow also had shown up in Korea, Thailand, England and other countries.

What made people feel most speechless was that no one dared to ventilate, which made the people from Shadow more arrogant. The business of the Hengli Group was also the focus of the major media as the identity of Edgar had been exposed.

When Ivy read this striking report, she stopped the movement of her hands with the woolen bear. It was the third night after she lost sleep. She hadn't seen him for three days since the day she saw him driving away from home. And, he hadn't come back.

She thought he would leave her in the apartment and let her live as she liked. But when she saw the people who were monitoring her outside, she realized that she was wrong. Maybe he was on a business trip, maybe he hated her, or he didn't come back to see her until she gave birth to the baby. No, he would be back only because of his baby. Maybe they should never meet each other again.

However, in this empty room, there was no one to accompany her, and she had a complete insomnia.

She had read this report for three days. She did not know why she read it. Since she did not love him, why did she pay attention to him? Did she not love him anymore? Then, Ivy found a reason for herself to pay attention to him just because she thought he was the father of the child. That's it.

Then she put the bear aside and crept up from the bed. She put on a coat and went to the door. She opened the door and took a look at Leo who was standing outside.

She said, "Leo, take me to a supermarket."

Standing in front of Leo, Ivy was in a pink maternity dress. Her hair was randomly coiled on the top of her head. Her big belly and thin chee

"excuse me, is there any other exit of this supermarket?"

The servers were all shocked. After looking up and down at Ivy, he were frightened by her cold eyes and nodded quickly. "Yes. It's at the corner of the restroom."

Then, she walked towards there.

Then she came to the side of the road, got on a taxi quietly and left.

"Please take me to the suburb area."

She sat in the car and closed her eyes for rest. She tightened her grip on the phone.

If it was not for the text message on the phone, she would not suddenly feel uneasy.

"If you want to know the truth of Megan's death. Come to the suburb at 8 o'clock tonight."

This message suddenly appeared on Ivy's phone this morning. In order to find out whether the matter was true or not, Ivy dialed the number. But no one answered.

Thus, regardless of whether Ivy would believe it or not, she had to follow the instructions on her cellphone and walked out of the apartment.

She really wanted to know the truth of Megan's death. Although Megan fell out with her, she was her sister. Of course she wanted to know something about her sister's death.

Ivy had thought that she hated her sister, but she found that it was not true. How could a family relationship break easily.

She never hated her sister. She was just disappointed.

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