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   Chapter 73 In Vigil

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Faced with the large number of reporters, Edgar was really angry. He clenched his hands and took a deep look at everyone.

He growled coldly, "if you don't want to die, get out!"

His growl successfully frightened all the reporters. Suddenly, they made a way in front of him.

At the same time, in front of these reporters, Ivy was still calm as if the vicious woman they said was not her.

In fact, she just ignored the miserable life in her life.

Her sister's death, Edgar's cheating and everything she had gone through these years. Now she was able to face it calmly. Those harsh words really didn't matter at all.

However, her good mood had been swept away today.

When Edgar saw the cold expression on Ivy's face, he felt a pang of pain in his heart. It was his fault. It was all because he was too useless. Damn it, he was set up again.

He walked to her slowly and stood in front of her. He took her hand gently and said, "let's go home."

He only wanted to protect her at this moment. His heart ached for her.

At this moment, he put aside all other thoughts. At this moment, he just wanted to take her home.

When she heard the word "home", Ivy suddenly stiffened.

Tears were spinning in her eyes, but it did not drip.

Why? Why? Why did you say "go home! Go home now! "

When she was a child, she didn't have a happy childhood. She didn't have a home. When she grew up, she thought that a place with her sister would be a home. But this time, it made her realize the fact. Then she thought she would have a home as long as she was with him. But this time, it made her realize the fact.

Edgar took her back to the car. Sitting on the car, Ivy was in a daze until Edgar sat on the driver's seat.

Ivy came back to her senses. "Mr. Edgar, the past has gone! But to my surprise, you are still the leading role here. "

In fact, she knew that he had told her his another identity at the beach. She also knew that he could control a person's life and death with a word. She knew how influential he would be in the city in the future.

However, she didn't need to worry about him, because she didn't

d the curtain. She saw a black car faded out from her sight.

At this moment, looking at his car that was gradually out of sight, she felt a sudden heartache, as if she was about to lose something. She laughed at herself, thinking that she was thinking too much.

Ivy patted her eight month pregnant belly lightly with her two hands and said, "baby, Mommy is going to see you soon. You will be fine. I love you."

She could feel the baby in her belly accompanying her. It was the first time that she felt very happy, at least with the baby accompanying her. She frowned at the same time, thinking that she had to go back to that prison after she gave birth.

She was innocent. She didn't kill anyone. She knew that no one would believe her when she said that, even Edgar.

She was just an ordinary, incompetent girl without any background. She even didn't have the money to hire a lawyer, not to mention to fight back.

In fact, she had called Celine in the past two days. Unexpectedly, Celine's father answered her phone. He told ivy that Celine had gone abroad for further education and changed her phone number since she was in America. And he didn't tell Ivy her current phone number.

Actually, Ivy knew that Celine's father didn't want her to be a trouble to their family.

Moreover, Tyron was still in Celine's home. Her parents treated Tyron like their own son, so she couldn't get them into trouble.

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