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   Chapter 71 the past

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"Don't worry. He is also my son. I won't starve him to death." Unable to push him away, she simply turned her head away from him.

They came to a restaurant with few customers. In fact, before they went there, Edgar had already asked his assistant for preparation. Ivy was still an suspect and her innocence hadn't been proved yet, so to avoid causing some unnecessary trouble, Edgar always cooked for her at home.

But today, all he wanted was to cheer her up.

They went to the room they booked in the restaurant and sat face to face. Since it was already like this, Ivy was not afraid. Anyway, it was just a meal.

She walked out of the castle and enjoyed the scenery outside. Leaves of autumn were falling slowly and yellow leaves were falling under the window. The air was fresh there. Staying in such an environment made Ivy feel a little better.

Since she was in a good mood, she of course had a good appetite.

Thinking that she had nothing to worry about, Ivy waved her hand to the waiter and ordered, "I want the biggest crabs here, and any seafood, especially abalones and wings. As for the gentleman on the other side, I am not familiar with him, so I don't know his taste That's all. "

Humph! 'since you brought me here for dinner, you'd better wait to be ripped off by me!' thought Ivy.

Seeing Ivy behave like this, Edgar's eyes shone as if they were still the same, but his chest would ache from time to time.

This pain kept reminding him that he didn't have much time left. He couldn't give her happiness for the rest of her life.

The short-term love would only make him sad again, so he couldn't be so selfish.

Thinking of this, Edgar's deep eyes became cold. But he just thought of what Ivy said just now? She wanted to eat the big crab

If he rememb

s to Mr. Scott?"

Standing in the middle of them, the waitress was satisfied with the discussion. Then she smiled and said, "you can continue. I want to go to the toilet."

The waiters didn't pay any attention to her, and just kept on talking, She twisted her hips and walked towards the bathroom.

When she entered the bathroom, she looked around and found nobody around. Then, she picked up her cell phone and dialed a number. "Miss. Mia, I've completed what you asked me to do. You see, I owe you a lot. Can you free me from this?"

A cold voice said on the other side of the line, "I can free you for 50% and the rest depends on your performance. Have the reporters been there?"

"Yes. I invited them in the name of the restaurant to promote our products." She said.

"Great! Now you are free from your debt totally."

"Thank you, Miss. Mia," she said gladly

Before the waitress finished her words, Mia hung up the phone.

She sneered to herself, "huh! 'You are just a girl of a rich family.'. She was the mistress of this restaurant's owner! Although he was not very rich, even love to gamble, but that man treated her well. "

Then she went out with her butt swaging.

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