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   Chapter 70 I really hope the time will freeze at this moment!

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As soon as Edgar entered the apartment, his deep eyes fell on the woman on the sofa, her legs curled and leaning against the sofa. Her beautiful face no longer looked strong and indifferent as usual.

He went up quietly, staring at her sleeping face. Frowning tightly in her sleep, Ivy seemed not to sleep well.

He stared at her like that for a long time. Although there was no expression on his face, he was extremely restless in his heart. How he wished he could just look at her and love her in this way. But he knew that he could not love her, nor should he love her.

Noticing that she was still in sleep, he finally fixed his eyes on her when she held herself tightly in her arms. He frowned and held her up gently. He wanted to take her back to the room.

When he touched her body, she suddenly opened her eyes.

Looking at each other, the air seemed to be frozen at the moment. Ivy thought it was a dream, but as the pounding of her heart became more and more fierce, she was reminded that it was not a dream.

Ivy lowered her head in embarrassment. When she raised her head again, she was as cold as usual.

"Mr. Edgar, what's the matter?" She said to Edgar.

Suddenly, he stood up. Hiding his gentle eyes.

When Edgar opened his eyes, a hint of coldness rose from the corner of his eyes. He said, "Ivy, be careful of your body. If something happens to your baby because of you, even if you die of illness, you can't take medicine. Do you understand?"

There was a trace of bitterness in Ivy's heart. It turned out that he was afraid that her illness would affect his baby while she was sleeping here. Edgar was a cold man indeed.

She replied coldly, "don't worry, Mr. Edgar. I haven't developed such a weak body."

"Whatever." He said coldly.

Then he turned around and walked to his room.

The living room was not far away, but he suddenly felt that this distance was so long. His fists gradually clenched and then loosened. In fact, he didn't want to do this to her. He hurt her, and also hurt himse

her lips lightly and said coldly, "Don't worry, I can handle it if you don't want to cook. Take it easy, Mr. Edgar!"

Edgar retorted, "no, you can't. My son is a sharp tongued man. He won't eat the food you cooked!"

Ivy was speechless for a while. She really wanted to slap him to death. He was still so unreasonable. The baby hadn't been born.

If Olivia didn't tell her the truth, she would think that he was still in love with her. However, what Olivia said just now had always been kept in her mind.

"You... "Ivy doesn't want to talk to such a boring person.

So she turned around with her back to him. She knew that he must be surrounded by hormones. Coincidentally, Olivia went on a business trip again! 'son of a bitch! How dare you!'.

Facing Ivy's indifference, Edgar raised the corners of his lips, as if he had returned to their past, but he knew that he couldn't be softhearted.

Edgar frowned and said nothing. Then he bent over and lifted Ivy's quilt. Edgar held her In his arms, Ivy was indeed a little heavier than before.

The sudden embrace made her stiff and forget to struggle.

"What... What are you doing? Mr. Edgar, I hope you can behave yourself. You .."

That was when Ivy came to her senses. She struggled to push him away.

"I'll take you to dinner. I'm afraid my son will be starved." He replied coldly.

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