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   Chapter 69 Edward's Secret

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Trying to wear a smile, Olivia said slowly, "Miss. Mia, if I show my sincerity, will you continue to help me?"

"Of course, we have been a pleasant cooperation, haven't we?" Mia said with a faint smile.

As if Olivia had made up her mind, she said seriously, "I know a secret about Edgar."

Mia's eyes lit up. She narrowed her eyes and said, "Oh, what secret?"

She got interested instantly.

"There is a person called Edward by the side of Edgar. In fact, his real name is not Edward."

While Olivia was speaking, she paused in her heart. She didn't know whether she should say it or not. Since her target was to be Mrs. Edgar, she was still concerned about Edgar.

However, Olivia had no choice now. Three years ago, because of her carelessness, she was found by Edgar that she met her cousin.

But now, she knew how much she hoped to be Mrs. Edgar. She was more unwilling than happy to be Mrs. Edgar.

She couldn't accept that. It should be her who stayed with Edgar. How could it be Ivy.

When she came to her senses, she flashed a smile and said, "three years ago, Edgar took me back to where he lived. I suddenly had a stomachache and went to the toilet. However, when I walked out of the living room, I saw Edgar talking to somebody on the phone.

"I'll be right there!" he said Then he walked out of the house. Out of curiosity, I followed him out. Then I saw him meet with a person, who was his assistant.

At that time, Edgar said, "do you really want to hide your identity and follow me secretly? Think it over, so that you will give up more, do you understand? "

Then the man named Charlie said, "now that I chose this life, I must have thought it over before I gave up a lot. But if there is something I don't want to face, then let me choose to escape. "

Then he saw Edgar

eople she cares about."

"What do you mean, Miss. Mia?"

Then Mia stood up and was ready to leave. She said, "Miss Olivia, don't worry. Someone will inform you later."

Then, Olivia also stood up. She looked at Mia in confusion. "But I've been followed by some people these days. Can you help me?" That's right. Olivia found that she was always followed by someone in recent days somehow.

"Well, I'll send someone to protect you these days, but Miss Olivia, please do not contact anyone during this period, in case they find you."

"Okay, I will follow your order."

After her leaving, Mia sat down leisurely again. She took out her phone and dialed a number, "inform your master and the plan can be started now."

Then he hung up the phone and looked out of the window. He smiled and said, "hum! Stupid lady! you will be dead soon. "

In fact, she should have guessed that the one who asked for Olivia would be someone from Edgar. It seemed that Edgar had found himself being poisoned. This kind of poison was not antidote. At that time, Mia would wait for him to kneel down and beg her! Ha ha ha! It wouldn't be long before she knew the secret.

She would soon avenge the one in heaven.

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