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   Chapter 67 investigation

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6147

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"Hey, buddy. Have you found anything?" Edgar sat up all of a sudden. Finally, he had good news from Edward.

"Edgar, the details are very complicated, and I only found some small clues.."

On the other end of the line, came the voice of Edward.

"Okay, wait for me there. I'll be right there.

After hanging up the phone, Edgar quickly put on his coat, turned around and walked out. He closed the door of his own room and took a look at the room of the opposite side.

He deliberately slowed down his movements, quietly walked down the stairs and went out of the house. He didn't want to wake Ivy up.

In a private hospital of the city.

"What did you get, Edward?" Edgar strode to the ward where his father had died.

Yesterday, Edgar asked Edward to come here to look for clues and to see if there were any.

Then Edward walked to the bedside, squatted down, crawled into it and took something out.

When he handed it over to Edgar, he said seriously, "Edgar, this is the only thing I've found! Does it belong to Mr. Scott? "

Hearing that, Edgar frowned. After taking the stuff in his hand, he raised it in the air and looked at it carefully, lost in thought.

It turned out that there was a black pen in his hand. It belonged to his father.

After thinking for a few seconds, Edgar said slowly, "yes, it's dad's." The pen was bought at the auction of one hundred thousand US dollars the year before last. It was a limited edition of a pikes.

then, In order to distinguish it, Edgar hired a famous craftsman to engrave his father's name on it. He knew that Scott liked to take notes or write diary from time to time with a pen.

Since he had given the pen to his father, it had been hung on Scott's chest all the time.

"Edgar, I haven't found anything except this. What's the problem?" Edward said seriously

e opened the door of his own room, he turned his head and took a look at the room on the opposite side.

She should be asleep! Would she dream of him!

At this moment, he suddenly missed her.

In the world, the furthest distance is not the place where you are, but the place where I am standing but dare not say I love you!

Lying in bed, Edgar thought of her and fell asleep.

In another room, Ivy felt warm when she came back to here. Maybe it was because she had her baby.

Ivy had a nice sleep till the morning of the next day.

In the morning, the sun shone on her little face. Squinting, she randomly fumbled for her cell phone on the bedside table. She checked the time and found it was still early. So she continued to sleep.

However, before putting this idea into practice, the baby in her belly did not like it.

Her stomach had growled for three times.

Ivy lifted the quilt and touched her belly. She laughed. "Baby, are you hungry! Okay, mom will get you something to eat. "

In the past few days, she had obviously sensed the baby's mood in her belly. That kind of subtle feeling made her feel the happiness of being a mother.

Then she put on a sloppy dress and walked out of the room.

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