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   Chapter 65 How long can I live

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Edgar was poisoned? How could he be poisoned? Edward's mind went blank and he didn't know what to say when he knew that.

How is that possible?

"How long can I live?"

Edgar asked coldly. When they turned around, they saw him standing behind them.

They didn't expect that Edgar would wake up at this time, nor did they expect that he would be so calm after being poisoned.

"How long do I have?" Edgar asked again, with the same tone as calm as before.

Suddenly, Dr. Young and Edward stood up. They all looked at Edgar at the same time.

"Edgar, you..."

"Edgar, there must be a solution! There must be a solution!" Edward looked at him worriedly.

"Well, How long do I still have? Uncle Young. "

At the sound of "Uncle Yang", Dr. Yang could not help tearing. He choked, "Edgar, I have witnessed your growth since you were a kid. Don't worry, I will be able to cure you. I will check the data and study it now. I will develop the antidote!"

"Uncle Young, I'm fine. Just tell me how long can I live?"

Dr. Young closed his eyes, unwilling to spit out such cruel words, but he had to say, then he said seriously, "you have half a year left."

Edgar still had half a year left! Half a year! God had played a cruel joke on him!

As the saying goes, men do not easily shed tears, but before they reached the affectionate part, Edward couldn't help crying. His boss who was also his nice brother could only live for half a year. How cruel the God was?

"Half a year is enough!" Edgar uttered in a deep voice.

Six months was enough for him to do a lot of things.

"Edward, Uncle Young, I hope you can keep it as a secret!"

Edgar said with a serious tone.

"Edgar, are you giving up now? "We can figure out a way. We can go to America to find authoritative experts. Edgar, we... "

Before Edward finished his words, Edgar gave him a cold look and shouted angrily, "enough! This is an order. Do you understand? "

Hearing that, Edward dazed for a second and then replied with difficulty, "yes! Mr. Edgar! "

"But who is the one, Mr. Edgar? the one who dared to poison you. " There was a flash of vi


Edgar glanced coldly at all the people. When he looked at Ivy, a hint of bitterness flashed through his heart. Ivy, I'm sorry. I can't be with you anymore.

Then, he pretended to be heartless and said coldly, "Her life is mine. Who dares to hurt her?"

The two policemen were so scared that they took two steps backwards. If, in a city, the most people they could not afford to offend were the CEO of Hengli Group, Edgar, who was also known as Mr. Edgar.

They knew very well that this man was cold-blooded, vicious. Although the person who offended him may not deserve to die, he would make that person unable to stay in the business world, even in the city. That is why they didn't dare to offend him.

So the two policemen stopped talking at once. They didn't want to die.

The two policemen didn't dare to make a sound. But Finn was not afraid.

As expected, the next second, Finn spoke slowly, "Edgar, what do you want to do? Ivy is a murderer. She will eventually be sent to prison. Do you still want to save her? "

When Ivy, who was sitting by the bed, heard Edgar's voice, her heart suddenly gave a relief. She was so worried when she saw him faint just now. It was great that he was fine.

"Mom, I don't want to do anything else Yes, she is the murderer of my father. Even if she would be executed a thousand times, it is not enough to compensate. But now she is pregnant with my baby... "

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