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   Chapter 64 Ivy Woke Up

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Seeing that Ivy had woken up, Edgar was extremely excited. He held her tightly and said, "Ivy, you woke up! You wake up! "

He thought she would hold him tighter, but he was wrong.

Wearing an indifferent look, Ivy didn't put her hands around his waist. Instead, she pushed him away and said coldly, "Mr. Edgar, please behave yourself. I am just a murderer and my hands are covered with blood. How dare I smear you!"

Her cold voice was like a needle stabbing into Edgar's heart.

A trace of suspicion flashed through his eyes. "Ivy, what's wrong with you? When did we become so strange to each other? "

Ivy raised her head and glanced at him calmly. "Edgar, we're over. We're over!"

It took a lot of courage for her to say it out. At this moment, her heart was bleeding, but it was only numb in pain.

"What are you talking about, Ivy? Ivy, say it again! "

Edgar opened his clenched hands, which were gripping her shoulders tightly. His black hair was partly hidden and partly visible. He glared at her angrily.

Ivy repeated coldly, "Edgar, we are over. We are over!"

At this moment, Edgar had truly understood that she wanted to break up with him!

He was filled with rage and heartache. How could she say that? How could she let him go!

One hand moved from her shoulder to her throat, and there was a furious look in his eyes. "Ivy, you say it's over. We're over! Humph! No way, no way! "

Seeing him choking her throat, she was surprisingly cold and calm. She slowly said coldly, "it's good to end this. Edgar, strangle me to death! Then you can avenge your father! "

Suddenly, she laughed. She looked into his eyes and laughed heartily. She laughed and she cried. He wanted to kill her! Once again, her numb heart hurt with heartache.

Since she wanted to end everything, she wanted to end it thoroughly. She could take her unborn child to another world and l

st results came out.

With the laboratory sheet in his hand, Dr. Young sat on the desk and read it carefully. As he frowned, his face became more and more serious.

Edward's heart rose to his throat in an instant. He strode to sit next to Dr. Young and asked anxiously, "Dr. Young, what's wrong with Edgar? Is there any problem?"

After reading for a while, Dr. Young said slowly, "as for the reason why Edgar fell into a coma, it was because he was too tired and exhausted. He just need to have a good rest. But..."

It turned out that he was tired. He felt relieved at once.

"But what? Dr. Young. " 'is there anything else?' he wondered?

Dr. Young looked up at Edward and said gravely, "although he passed out this time because he was physically overdraft, he had found the drug in his blood. He..."

"The drug? What do you mean? What on earth do you want to say, Dr. young? " Again, he asked nervously.

"He was poisoned!" Dr. Young said seriously.

"What? 'what? How could it be possible? " Looking at him in surprise.

Dr. Young sighed, "yes, that's right. Edgar was poisoned. The drug, is a kind of poison that is banned at home, but it is also slowly toxic. It has no antidote, and even we haven't found this kind of antidote abroad."

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