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   Chapter 63 The Unwilling Angie

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"Ivy, why are you still so naughty! This is not the place for you. Go back!"

"I'm sorry, Ivy. I'm here with mommy! Please go back! You have your own life! You can go back now! "

Ivy was still in a severe coma and indulged herself in her own world where she could even see her mother and sister.

Her mother and sister was leaning against the bed in the bedroom. Their home was simple but clean.

Her mother used to holding her in her arms and always told stories to her. But this time, the mother held her in her arms with the sister.

"Mom, sister, do you also want to leave Ivy?"

Ivy wanted to step forward, but she couldn't move her legs.

She wanted to cry, but she found that tears could not stay. Yeah, tears had already fallen. How could there be any tears.

Why did the mother, who loved her most, hug her sister instead of her.

Was she really the fifth wheel? Maybe!

"Ivy, my daughter, you don't belong here. You should go back to your world, where there are people who love you, there are also people who love you. Go! My baby! " Her mother looked at her gently and persuaded her to go back.

She stood there quietly and watched her mother wave at her to ask her to go back while her sister clung to her mother and enjoyed her mother's love. Sure enough, she was redundant.

What happened next, her mother and sister disappeared. Then, she faintly heard someone calling her name and whispering in her ear, "Ivy, how can you be so selfish? Do you think that you can completely relieve after you die? I tell you, no way! "

Ivy couldn't hear clearly, but she felt the voice was so familiar that it made her heart ache. No! She didn't want to wake up, nor was she willing to wake up! 'just sleep like this, so that you won't feel pain, so that you won't be heartbroken.'.

However, the man continued, "don't you know that you are pregnant and you have our baby? Do you want to leave him alone? How could you be so cruel!

At thi

embarrassed that he seemed to have lost weight, But what did it have to do with her? Their love had already disappeared with her death. Even if she was still alive, their love was already gone, wasn't it!

The only connection is the child in her belly, the child! Yes, a child! She actually had a child. She unconsciously touched her own stomach. Fortunately, she still had him.


When she looked at him again, a touch of coldness appeared in her calm eyes, but she didn't say anything.

She didn't know what to say to him! Should she be questioned why he didn't go to the jail to visit her? Should she slap him and tell him why he lied to her! But now these seemed not to be important to her anymore. Her heart was dead! So was her love! It was meaningless to say all these!

"Mr. Edgar, thank you for saving me!"

She let go of his hand naturally.

The word "Mr. Edgar" stunned the man who was delighted. What did she say? Why was she so cold?

"Ivy, what's wrong with you? I'm Edgar. Don't you know me?"

Edgar looked at her gently. He thought she didn't understand what he meant.

"Of course I know you, Mr. Edgar, the CEO of HENGLI group."

He thought, 'it seems that she doesn't lose her memory. She still remembers everything. But why does she look so indifferent to me?'?

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