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   Chapter 62 Ivy Committed Suicide

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Sitting in a dark corner, Ivy didn't know how she came back. She had been here for a long time and got used to it. She didn't know when it was daytime and what time it was today. She just knew that she had just accepted a cruel fact.

My sister is dead! 'Edgar has fallen in love with someone else!'! He didn't believe her anymore!

But what was she now? She was just living dead. Then she turned to look at the female prisoners who were also leaning on the other wall. Those female prisoners who had risked their lives for a little food.

Ivy laughed at herself for a while. At the very least, they would have emotions. If they didn't like something, they could fight for it. If they liked something, they could take it away.

But what about her! No one cared about her pain at the same time as loneliness. With tears dried, she numbly took out the photo of her mother from her arms.

"Mom, is your daughter very useless? She was admitted to be a murderer muddled, she was ruthlessly abandoned by her loved one, she even hated herself. She was also fooled by him like a fool. In the end, even her dearest sister died for no reason!"

"Mom, is your daughter so useless! So useless!"

Ivy said to her mother's photos over and over again.

She had thought at least Edgar would listen to her explanation in person, that she hadn't killed him. She had thought that he would help her find the murderer and take her out, that at least he would listen to her explanation

It turned out that everything was just his own wishful thinking. He didn't come to see her, but had just determined his death date in his heart. He was still ruthless to deceive himself! How ridiculous she was! Ridiculous!

She was still waiting for him to save her! What a ridiculous thought.

"Mom, Megan went to keep you company. Have you seen her! How is she doing? I never

f the emergency room. He took off his mask.

Edgar walked forward quickly and asked anxiously, "Uncle Young, how is she?"

Dr. Young looked at him seriously and said, "fortunately, you came here in time. Her life was saved, but she just..."

"Just what?"

"It's just that she is in a coma, as if she doesn't want to wake up. It's not OK. It's dangerous for her baby!"

"The baby!"

Hearing that, Edgar felt confused, but before he could react, he was surprised again. Kid! Her baby! Was it?

It was his baby and she was carrying it now. Edgar was extremely excited.

However, "what do you mean by not wanting to wake up?"

"She doesn't want to wake up because she has lost the desire to live. So her coma is caused by her consciousness because she has no will to survive and her brain is guided by every cell in her brain. Therefore, she is like a vegetable now, with the heart beating and temporary shock in other organs."

"Uncle Young, so you mean that Ivy need to wake up on her own?"

"Yes!" Dr. Young nodded and gave a firm answer.

But at this moment, Edgar's eyes became cold. Why didn't she wait for him to save her but chose to commit suicide?

Why did she want to commit suicide? How could she wake up!

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