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   Chapter 61 Prison Life

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In the XX prison in a city——

Several rays of broken sun shining there, but was swallowed by boundless darkness, and there was no ripples on the broken mud wall. It was like a coffin sitting in this remote corner, short, full of depression. It was a neglected prison.

At this moment, Ivy was quietly watching a photo of a woman holding a baby in her hand.

Her hands trembled slightly when she held the photo. The woman in the photo was pure and beautiful, and holding a child in her arms was very cute. If you looked carefully, you would find that this woman looked very similar to Ivy. And the child in her arms was exactly the same as her when she was a child!

"Mom, I miss you so much! Mom, you will believe that your daughter is not the murder, right! Mom, you said Edgar would come to save me, right? "

She could only comfort herself like this. Although she had stayed here for a long time, she always believed that he would come to save her and he would not leave her alone.

"Edgar, you will believe me, right! Tears streamed down her face. She missed him so much! She was missing him so much!

When Ivy was deep in thought, a fat prison guard opened the door and came in. He said in a serious tone, "Ivy. Someone wants to see you. Come out with me!"

Hearing that, Ivy was shocked. The photo slid down. "Who's coming to see me? Is it Edgar? Yeah! It must be him! "

Then, with a big smile on her face, she quickly smoothed her messy hair. 'do I look ugly now? Won't he like me?' she thought? It shouldn't be! She thought randomly.

The policeman frowned and cursed, "Damn it! Shut up! Do you want to see him? If not, stop wasting my time! " If the man hadn't given him a decent gift, he would not have interfered in it.

Ivy picked up the photos of her mother happily and put them into her arms. Then she walked out of the gate quickly.

When Ivy came to the visiting room hopefully, the person she saw was n

eserve him! They don't deserve him! "

'Did it indicate that I'm a wild child? ha-ha! she doesn't deserve it!'! Ivy sneered at herself.

Even your poor sister had been dead. I want to see who else can help you now! Ha ha ha! Ivy, Edgar will always be mine. They will always be mine! "

Exclaimed Olivia excitedly. She didn't behave like a young lady at the moment.

However, at that moment, Ivy couldn't hear a word, as long as she heard that "Your sister had been dead!" Ivy kept thinking about her sister's death! My sister is dead! How is that possible?

All of a sudden, her pupils contracted and her body trembled slightly. The scene in her mind was that Edgar told her that her sister had gone abroad for traveling. Why did she die? Did Edgar lie to her? Why did he lie to her? Why?

Looking at the disgusting expression on Ivy's face, Olivia smiled. Her goal was achieved, so she didn't have to stay in this disgusting place any more.

"Ivy, you lost. You lost, completely lost! After uttering these words, she gracefully stood up and left.

She didn't notice when she left. She was immersed in her own world and couldn't come out. Why did he lie to her? How could my sister die?

Her heart was aching all over her body. Those facts one by one hit her heart brutally.

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