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   Chapter 59 The Damned Woman!

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Sitting in the VVIP economy class, Edgar suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness, as if something was about to happen. As this feeling became more and more intense, he was extremely upset at the moment. He looked at the Rolex on his arm. There was about to fall in more than ten minutes.

When Edgar walked out of the airport, he immediately picked up his mobile phone and turned it on. He was about to call ivy, but before he could think of anything, a call came in.

"Edgar, let's meet." A woman's gentle voice came through.

Before Edgar had time to refuse, the woman continued, "Edgar, please. Let's meet! I have something important to tell you. It's about Ivy? "

Frowning, Edgar paused for a moment and said, "tell me the address."

In the private room of the restaurant.

"Edgar, try this. This dish with Abalone Mushroom steak is this signature dish. It's quite good!"

With that, she cut the steak kindly and pushed the plate to him gently.

This was the place when they had dined for the first time in city A. Back then, they were so deeply in love.

She thought he would talk kindly to her as before. "

But obviously, she was wrong this time.

"Olivia, what do you want to say?" He casually pushed the untouched steak aside.

A hint of impatience flashed through his calm eyes. He had no time to waste here.

The hand on the table paused. With a wry smile, Olivia said, "Edgar, do you really mean that we can't be together? Do you know that I still love you, i... "

But before she could finish her sentence, Edgar interrupted her coldly. "If you don't have anything else to say, I'm leaving now."

"Edgar, please don't go."

She held his hand tightly.

"Enough! Olivia Young, let me go! Get out of here!"

Edgar was about to stand up, shaking off her hand in disgust, and said coldly.

"Edgar, Ivy is not that..."

Shirley knew that he was really angry this time. She couldn't delay any longer.

At that moment, Olivia crossed her legs and made a right pose. She believed that Edgar would hear h

en, he raised one hand, quickly walked in front of Olivia and pinched her on the throat. "You're courting death!"

"Edgar, I love you. I love you so much!" Olivia didn't expect that he would kill her. She looked at him in horror.

As the strength of his arm increased, and it became more and more difficult for her to breathe.

But at the moment, he was losing his consciousness. The desire to get out of there was waning in his body with his consciousness.

"Fuck off!"

He threw her to the corner with his tightly clenched arm.

"Edgar, haven't you ever loved me?"

Olivia got up again, moved to his side and hugged him from behind.

Then her arms moved up and down to his waist

Hearing that, Edgar felt his throat tightened. As the desire that was out of his control was getting stronger and stronger, his mind told him that he was in urgent need of a woman

"Edgar, let's go. I'll take you out for fun."

He didn't know how he left the restaurant.

He only knew that the woman in his arms brought him to a hotel and checked in a guest room.

"Edgar, I love you!" With her fingers interlocked, she held one of his hands, and the drizzle blew gently around his ears.

It was not until then that Edgar had an illusion. The face in front of him was pure. "Ivy, I love you too!"

All of a sudden, the smile on Olivia's face froze.

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