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   Chapter 58 The Death Of Scott

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In an apartment.

As Ivy hummed, she put the cake into the box. She was very happy today, because the CEO had talked with her for an hour last night. She was influenced by the sweet words on the phone. Till now, her heart was still warm.

She didn't expect that such a cold face would always say something to her so sweetly. She didn't remember what exactly he had said, but most importantly, she remembered clearly. "Ivy, wait for me. Tomorrow's flight!"

Today he was coming back. Although he had just left for two or three days, she always felt that they had been separated for a long time.

At the moment, she wanted to pick him up at the airport, but Uncle Scott texted her that he missed the cakes made by her and asked her to make some for him today

This reason She felt it strange. She remembered that though uncle Scott said the cakes made by her were very good, he didn't seem to eat much. Why did he suddenly say that he missed her cakes.

Let's finish bringing the desserts first! Maybe it was because he suddenly liked it!

Ivy struggled in the room for a while. After packing the cake, she took her bag and went out.

At the exclusive private hospital of a city.

With a cake in one hand, Ivy patted on the door with the other. "Uncle Scott, are you there?"

WOW! No sound could be heard!

"Uncle Scott, are you there?"

Why didn't he say anything?

She glanced around. 'Gee! There were few people in the hospital today! Even the door of the deluxe presidential suite was closed. She remembered uncle Scott didn't like to close it.

She gently pushed the door, but it was not locked. She pushed it open easily.

"Uncle Scott? Are you in? "


Before she finished her words, her mouth was covered by a big hand and a knife was on her neck.

In a state of shock, Ivy finally summoned up courage to look around. As her big eyes suddenly widened, she was so frightened that she even forgot how to breathe, because she saw that uncle Scott was held by two men and his mouth was still blocked. The only thing that

see This woman is too cruel. How could she kill a man just because he didn't agree the marriage? "

In the face of the whispers, even Ivy, who was in the middle of the shooting, knew that they were talking about her.

It was useless to explain too much. When she was handcuffed and taken out of the elevator, she saw a man walking towards her.

As this man walked quickly into the room, Ivy's eyes, which were sluggish, widened and said, "Edward, help me, I didn't kill uncle Scott!"

Yes, it was Edward. Before he figured out what happened, he saw three policemen and Ivy with handcuffs facing each other.

When he heard what Ivy said, he realized that Mr. Scott was dead!

Taking a glance at her in surprise, Edward ran upstairs to the ward without saying anything.

Ivy felt much more disappointed when she noticed that Edward didn't care about her. He was a man working for Edgar now. How could he care about her when Mr. Scott was dead!

As ivy fell into silence, she was waiting for him to save her.

When Edward arrived at the ward, he saw that Mr. Scott was lying in the blood, and Finn was crying heart broken, and there were still several policemen doing notes

Tears began to brim in his eyes. In his eyes, Mr. Scott was like his father. The period of recovering in the Luo family was his happiest time

He struggled to take out his phone

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