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   Chapter 57 Edgar Would Fly To America

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Although Edgar was a few years younger than Kent, he was a person that Kent had always admired. He thought that, of course, his young and vigorous leader was a legendary figure that only four people defeated the old leader and be the king of their own faction. And ever since he became the leader, he saw that the power of the faction was growing larger and larger.

This leader was very stable and rigorous, and there was never a trace of omission. Once he made a decision, the result must be what he expected.

He had become the belief in all of them.

Now, while he was lost in thought, he must have made a decision about everything.

"Okay," Kent paused, with a trace of undisguised guilt on his face, "Master, you are so busy every day but you still come here especially to see me, I am really sorry! "

"It doesn't matter. I have to deal with something by myself." Then he took a look at Leo, who was standing behind him and keeping his head down slightly.

"Leo, bring some guys with us. I want to meet the Dragon Tiger gang from Thailand!" Scheme and weirdness rose in his gloomy and cold eyes. The mystery man was still suspecting and hadn't done the last step of confirmation.

And he had promised Jonathan who had spared no effort to save him, so he could not hurt Mia until the last moment. And the Dragon Tiger gang, he can deal with it.

In Thailand now, the sun was shining on the sea.

At the seaside, in a four story glass villa which was less than six hundred meters away from the battleground.

With a sound of gunshot, a man, exhausted and bloodstained, lay on the ground. He was still staring at something with his horrific eyes before he died.

More than twenty robust bodyguards stood in a row in the room, protecting Edgar who was sitting on the sofa.

He was wearing a casual dress with his legs crossed. His face was expressionless. He had a powerful presence, and the air around him told everyone that he would not allow anyone to defy him.

"Throw him in the sea, far away, or you'll stain the color

d your men fire its den. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master!" The Dragon nodded and took the order. Although he had no idea why their boss made this decision, he never doubted or hesitated for what his boss said.

Then Edgar and his fellows left in a hurry.

And after they left, a figure hiding in the darkness disappeared.

The shadow appeared in another place.

"Master, it seems that Edgar has discovered our plan!" A man on one knee with hands clenched.

And this man was the shadow who monitored Edgar.

The man standing in front of him was dressed in red wind coat. He was surprised to find that he fell in love with red clothes this time, and his aura was particularly enchanting in this dark night.

With a sneer, he said, "humph, it seems that Edgar is really smart. He sees through my trick so soon. This opponent is getting more and more interesting. Go and inform MIA. It's time to arrange a meeting for Olivia and Edgar!"

"Yes, sir!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the man kneeling on the ground rose quickly and disappeared in the dark night.

The man in red looked at the black figure disappearing in the night and lost in thought for a moment. It seemed that Edgar was indeed much more difficult to deal with than MIA. But it didn't matter. They would still kill each other in the end and he would win in the end. Ha ha ha!

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