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   Chapter 56 Sad Kitten!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6197

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Seeing the sad face of the little woman in his arms, Edgar could not bear it. He did not expect that Ivy could feel it

Originally, Edgar wanted to tell Ivy that her sister was dead later. A clue had told him that Megan had already been killed by Mia and had been thrown to a river in the suburbs.

"Ivy, i..."

Seeing her innocent eyes, Edgar swallowed what he wanted to say.

"Edgar, what do you want to say?" She wondered what was wrong with him today? Why did he hesitate in speaking? It was not like the usual him!

"Nothing? Let's go to have lunch first, okay? My lady! "

Edgar's magnetic voice passed by her ear and blew softly.

In order to prevent this feeling from spreading in her body, she left the embrace of Edgar abruptly.

"Okay, go with me. Let's have dinner first!" Ivy raised Edgar's chin and teased.

Then they came to the restaurant where they had dinner for the first time, where the elegant symphony and the comfortable restaurant were.

Faced with the food on the table, ivy had no appetite.

"Ivy, what else do you want to eat? The latest Korean cake here is delicious. Would you like to have a try? "

He glanced at Ivy and said as he opened a menu.

In fact, he was trying to distract her.

"Well, whatever, anything would do?" Ivy replied absentmindedly.

"If you keep doing this, you'll pay the bill!" Edgar said in a half smile.

This sentence worked.

"Ah! My treat? No way! Aren't you my boyfriend? How can I pay for it? " She didn't have money. She was poor!

Although her husband was rich and he had given her a gold card which was worth at least ten million.

But she just said, "I don't need it. I'll take you with me when I go out!" And returned it to him.

But now, she complained in her heart, 'why didn't I take that golden card? Honest is very miserable.'.

Seeing that Ivy w

e side of Kent and sat down on a chair. "Are you feeling better?"

As soon as Edgar received the phone call from the U.S. yesterday morning, he had hurried here after a 12-hour flight.

Seeing the tiredness and worry on his face, Kent was deeply touched.

"Minor injuries! You must come here in a hurry. " Kent raised his body to bear the pain.

"It's all my fault! They had thought that Mia's men were no threat to them, so they had sent some followers to her recently. To their surprise, she joined hands with the Dragon Tiger gang in the early morning, which had triggered an attack in the East region. Some of us can't take it as they are half awake, half awake. They have suffered heavy causalities and a quarter of their territory has been almost destroyed. "

"What's more, Master..." His face darkened as he said, "last time I learnt about a shooting incident and I found some valuable clues."

Hearing what he said quietly, Edgar gave a hint to let him go on.

"They don't work for Mia. If the clue is right, it should be the one you guessed and suspected with me last time."

With that, the whole ward fell into silence.

Hearing that, Edgar leaned backwards. Looking out of the window silently, he frowned.

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