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   Chapter 55 Megan's Death

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On the other side.

Megan was dragged into a small dark room by some strong men. She looked at those men with lustful eyes desperately.

She knew that today may be the end of her life. A pair of eyes suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. There were her mother's and Ivy. She regretted. She felt sorry for Ivy, and also for her mother.

I'm sorry, Ivy. I have to go now. Please forgive me for my hurt to you and for the person who once hated you. I lost the game, completely!

She knew that Mia's group's ultimate target was still ivy. She had seen that Mia had the photos of Ivy in her childhood. At that time, she was very confused, but she didn't dare to ask. So she just let it go.

She took out the blade that she had hidden all these years, and engraved a few words in her palm with her teeth gritted, "Ivy, I'm sorry, this is the only thing I can do for you.".

Then she turned to the men who were approaching slowly and smiled, "if you like corpses, I'll do whatever you want. Ha ha!

"Damn it! Bad luck!" Cursed one of the men after he strode over and saw the blood spreading all over Megan's wrist.

The men behind them didn't even look at the ground, "well, forget it. Matt, throw her into the sea and feed her to the fish. Later, we will take you to have fun, OK?"

The man who had become Matt laughed wildly, "Okay, okay! We can go first. After I get rid of this woman, we will come back to the same place. "

"Okay, Matt. Hurry up!"

"Matt, if you are late, there won't be any women to play with!"

Then those men left the small dark room one after another.

The man called Matt cursed the corpse on the ground, "Damn it, this bitch's figure is indeed good, but unfortunately she was dead."

He got on the car with Megan's body and heading to the suburb.

It was a dark night and two men were talking in the gloomy suburb.

"Master, Megan is dead. This is her body."

A man on one knee reported to a tall and strong figure standing in front of him respectfully.

The man turned his back.

o time, heading to the door.

Ivy was speechless for a while. It was improper to display affection in the CEO office.

Whoosh! Just to think about it, Ivy felt herself so obscene.

She struggled to free herself from Edgar and nodded obediently. "Okay, let's go to dinner. I'm really hungry."

"Okay!" Edgar took his coat from the hanger.

At this time, Ivy suddenly felt a pang of heartache, which she didn't understand.

She suddenly stood in the same place and could not move her feet.

"Ivy, what's wrong with you?"

Finding Ivy's difference, a pair of strong hands suddenly hugged her again.

He felt that the little girl in his arms was in a daze at the same time.

Hearing that, Edgar could not help but frown slightly. He asked, "do you feel uncomfortable?"

She looked up and saw a pair of gentle eyes full of concern.

She wrinkled her brows and said, "I don't know. I just feel my heart ache, very sad, as if my family is about to leave!" And the feeling got stronger.

It suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't seen her sister for days.

Although Megan had hurt her and swore to end the relationship with her, she still couldn't get rid of the blood tie between them.

"Edgar, I miss my sister. I haven't seen her for a few days. Can you take me to see her?" After all, it was not easy to get into the Meng clan.

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