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   Chapter 53 Tit For Tat!

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The underlying meaning behind her words was that she didn't match him! Indeed, she was angry now.

Standing next to her, looking at the lovely woman and her angry face, Edgar thought it was time to end this boring game.

So he gently put his hand on Ivy's waist and said, "well, Ivy, it's time for you to go back to rest, or the baby in your belly will be troublesome again!"

what! A little baby?

The announcement created a heated discussion among the crowd. All of them were shocked.

"Edgar, what did you say?" Finn was confused.

Scott also looked at him doubtfully, but didn't say anything.

"Nothing. It's just the baby in Ivy's belly, my baby!" Edgar said casually.

And Ivy was even more shocked at this moment! what? Baby! When did she get pregnant? Why didn't she know about it? Did she lose her memory?

At the moment, Olivia was totally surprised. She hated Ivy. Baby? She couldn't believe that Ivy had a baby with him? What about her?

A hint of viciousness flashed across her gentle eyes. 'no, I can't do that. She can't have this baby. A woman from the countryside can't become Edgar's wife! No! That position could only be hers, and Edgar could only be with her.

"Edgar, you are still joking, just as before! ha-ha! Olivia said, squeezing out a smile.

Although Olivia was Edgar's first love, he did not love her anymore. Even if it was his first love, he could still be as cold as before.

Without even casting a glance at Olivia, Edgar embraced Ivy and said to his parents, "Dad, mom, listen to me carefully. Now that Ivy is pregnant with my child, she can't work too hard. I'll take her back and we'll visit you again when we have time"

"Why didn't you tell us such an important thing? Now that Ivy is pregnant, we should let her go home and have a rest!" Finn seemed to have changed her attitude completely. She blamed Edgar.

"Go back now. And don't let Ivy bring me food. Ask her

think? Humph! " Unable to get rid of him, she angrily turned her face away from him.

"She is your ex. you still want to meet her in such an embarrassing relationship. And you didn't tell me! Edgar, you bastard! "

Her words kept going on and on, which made him burst into laughter.

"Okay, okay. It's my fault. Please don't be angry. Otherwise, you will have pimples on your face!"

Amused by him, she giggled and said, "what's the big deal with pimples? Do you want to abandon me just because of this?"

"Who knows! In case it's too ugly, I will dislike you! "

Edgar made fun of her.

"How dare you! I'm pregnant with your child!"

Speaking of the baby, Ivy was speechless. She couldn't believe that Edgar lied to her with a thick face. Baby? How could she have a baby?

She rolled her eyes at him, "how can you say that! I'm not pregnant, how can I have a baby? "

"Without it, we can try our best to give birth to a baby."

"You..." His words brought a warm flush to her face.

"Don't be jealous. The past is the past and I only love you now! It can only be you! "

She buried her head on his chest to feel his heartbeat. Listening to his sweet words, she felt so satisfied.

She knew that he had never said such vulgar words, but she liked to hear it.

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