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   Chapter 52 showing love!

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"Edgar, I know with your help, you can definitely improve the situation of Hengli Group. But you still don't understand what I mean!"

Hearing that, Edgar looked confused. "Dad, what on earth do you want to say?" he asked

"I got the news that Mia is not......""

Before Scott finished his words, Ivy and Finn came in one after another from the door.

"Edgar, Uncle Scott, dinner's ready."

Ivy came in carrying a lot of things.

It turned out that she had gone to buy some food.

On the other hand, Finn went to the doctor's office to get the medicine for Scott.

At that moment, Ivy and Finn happened to meet each other at the door.

Seeing the bags on Ivy's hands, Edgar came to her and took the bags from her hands.

Looking at the rows of home cooked dishes, the couple couldn't help but frown.

When Finn was about to say something, she was stopped by the gesture of Scott.

In fact, Edgar knew what his mother was going to say, because they were in a VIP ward for the CEO, and this hospital belonged to the Luo family. Of course, their meals every day would be prepared by someone for them.

But seeing Ivy's anxious face, Edgar couldn't bear to tell her about it.

He took his chopsticks and started to pick up the food.

Then, Scott also picked up a green pepper and put it in his mouth like Edgar did. When Edgar chewed it, a strange expression appeared on his face. To be honest, it was the most tasteless food he had ever eaten.

But he still ate it in silence.

On the other hand, Finn looked at those dishes reluctantly. She just wanted to satirize, but when she saw Scott swallowing the food slowly, she forced herself to hold back what she had just come out. At the same time, she stamped her foot fiercely.

When they were having dinner happily, Bang! Bang! Bang!

In fact, the door was open. Out of politeness, Olivia knocked on the door and stood outside.

Olivia was dressed in a white silk dress and white pleated skirt. She stood at the door, so elegant and quiet.

"Edgar, I am here to see Uncle Scott!" Olivia slowly walked up to them with her heels

and you were also an excellent student studying abroad!" Olivia said to Ivy with a smile.

She knew very well that Ivy was from the countryside. She dressed like a bumpkin. It is impossible for her to have the money to study abroad!

But this time, Edgar didn't help Ivy, because he wanted to see how his girl would react.

If she hadn't heard this last time, then this time was the same provocation, how couldn't she hear it! She was not stupid?

At the same time, Ivy put on a big and adorable smile and said slowly, "well, Olivia, maybe you got the wrong information. I was working as his assistant for a few days, but that was all because Edgar wanted to see me every day and asked me to accompany him. But I don't like to be too prominent, so I was his assistant for a few days. Now, he didn't allow me to go to the company and stay at home in case I was too tired. "

As expected, Olivia's face darkened after that. She cursed to herself, 'humph, show off your relationship? I bet you will break up!

Standing aside, Edgar didn't say anything, but his raised eyebrows showed that he was in a good mood.

However, on the other side, as if they didn't see the tension between them, Scott and Finn tried to evade it!

Oh, I see! I agree with you. How could it be possible for Edgar to fall in love with an inferior assistant. He is so excellent that not so many women could match him! "

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