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   Chapter 49 She Appeared!

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"How's father?"

He glanced at her with tenderness.

"Uncle is fine. He eat well and sleep well! Ivy gave him a sideways glance mischievously.


Wearing casual clothes, Edward was standing outside the door.

He looked embarrassed.

"Haha! Please go on... "

Before he realized what happened, his body had turned around unconsciously.

She tried to push him away.

Hearing that, Edgar's handsome face turned darker. He took a look at somebody by the door, who was about to leave.

He gritted his teeth and said, "You are already here. Just stay!"

Then he whispered to Ivy, "honey, you go out first. You have to take a shower and wait for me tonight!"

Ivy pinched his waist and gave him a stern look. "Shame on you!"

Then she lowered her red face and walked out quickly.

Watching her receding figure, Edgar raised his eyebrows out of habit. His kitten always made threatening gestures, but now she became shy. Interesting!

Actually, Edgar didn't know that, in fact, Ivy would only get rid of her bad temper in front of the person she liked!

And then Edgar went to the desk and leaned against the chair lazily.

"Tell me, Edward, how is everything going?"

Speaking of business, Edward suddenly turned serious.

"It's done. The data has been hacked by our men in the black market,"

"Good!" Edgar said coldly.

"But, Edgar, they have found out what you have done in America. It won't be long before they find here! "

A hint of coldness flashed through Edgar's calm eyes. "Time will come, sooner or later. We can't escape!"

Then he took a look at afra and continued, "how is everything going with Patrick in America?"

Hearing that, Edward shrugged and said, "still the same. No one knows who will come and look for trouble. But don't worry. Patrick can deal with it. Leo has been back to the US, he will arrange people to keep an eye."

"Okay, I know!" He rubbed his forehead in agony. He knew that it was not the same group of people in America. He had almost eliminated most of Mia's men. However, there were still a group of people watchin

window slightly, letting the dazzling sunlight cast in.

The woman was none other than Olivia. She was well-dressed, wearing a White Chiffon Blouse with V-necked top, a delicate collarbone partly exposed, a pair of seven centimeter white pencil pants, and a pair of high-heeled white shoes with about seven centimeter heels. Her hair was slightly coiled up and her makeup was extremely light, which made her look fresh and graceful.

"Edgar, this is Miss Young." A waiter led Edgar here.


Edgar nodded and gestured for the waiter to leave.

Just then, Olivia turned around, and their eyes met.

"Edgar," she called him in a low voice.

"Olivia... He recognized her, too.

At this moment, the world and time seemed to stop rotating.

Standing far away, Edgar gazed at her. Neither did he step forward nor step back.

Her almond eyes, her small mouth, and her ruddy skin were the same as before. The only regret was that her face turned thinner and thinner.

She gazed at Edgar with love in her eyes.

"Edgar, how have you been in the past three years?" Olivia broke the silence and embarrassment first.

Edgar had thought that he would be excited to see her again, but at this moment, his mind was as calm as water.

He stared straight at her.

"I'm fine! What about you? "

Edgar said calmly in an indifferent tone.

"Good!" Olivia nodded to him as she smiled

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