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   Chapter 47 Visiting Scott

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A man in a black windbreaker, wearing a cap, was emitting a cold aura.

He cast a cold glance at the woman sitting opposite him and said, "Why are you so anxious to see me! "

The woman in the opposite was wearing a red dress, setting off her extremely gorgeous beauty, and the expression on her face was indeed a panic stricken look.

"Do something for me?"

Then the man sneered, "who the hell do you think you are! Look at yourself! "

The woman in front of him touched her face with her hand. She hadn't slept well for several days, and her face must be very pale.

She took a deep breath to compose herself.

Finally she said calmly, "how about making a deal with me?"

The man lazily leaned on the chair, raising the corners of his mouth. With a faint smile, he said, "this is the Sister Mia I know!"

The woman's face turned deathly pale at his words. She said coldly, "I am no longer green sister!

"Fancy you, Mia. You're smart! The man then gracefully took a sip of the coffee in front of him.

"What is the content of the deal? You know I never do a losing business. "

Right, the woman sitting opposite to the man was Mia. She had disappeared for two days since she left Edgar's apartment.

She looked at the man with vicious eyes. "How about helping me get rid of Ivy!"

The man's hand that was holding the coffee paused. He gently put the coffee down and took a look at Mia. He coldly said, "go ahead! What kind of deal? "

She then said with a weird look, "what about the next CEO of HENGLI group?"

The man sneered, "don't overestimate yourself!"

Then, Mia smiled enchantingly. "How do you know that I can't do it? I have managed the bidding process before, right? "

"Really? You don't know, do you! Edgar launched all the forces in the US to fill in the missing data. Now, his man Edward has brought those data back!'! We failed! He only lost several hundred millions. "

Mia then smiled mysteriously and said, "it seems that Ivy is indeed Edgar's Achilles' h

cooked the chicken soup early this morning and she had learned to cook it for a long time.

Edgar was supposed to accompany her, but his phone kept ringing early in the morning. She knew he was busy, so she decided to come by herself.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Come in!"

Scott was listening to the radio at this moment. It was an old brand which was a gift from the person who took the initiative in his heart.

At this time, Ivy came in with a lunch box.

"Uncle Scott, I made some chicken soup today. I brought it here. Have a taste?

As she said, she put the lunch box in front of him. Then she filled his bowl with soup and put it in front of him.

For her, uncle Scott was like her father. Although he was always emanating a strong aura, after days of getting along with him, she knew that uncle Scott was very easy-going.

When he saw the bowl of chicken soup, he smiled and said, "little girl, you don't have to flatter me like this."

Ivy grinned, "that's all right, uncle Ivy. If this can please you, I will come every day!"

Ivy knew that he couldn't win when it came to argue with Ivy, so he just kept silent.

In fact, after these days of getting along with her, he could clearly feel that she was threatening, but. deep down, she was only a child with a simple mind, and she was really different from other girls.

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