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   Chapter 46 Edgar's Father Woke Up

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Updated: 2020-01-17 00:02

When Scott woke up, he was in a most famous private hospital in the city, with four or five doctors, Edgar, Ivy and Finn accompanying him.

"My Lord, you wake up. How are you?" Finn helped him sit up, pulled out a pillow from behind and let him lean against it.

Scott took a look at the people in the room, and finally said to an elder doctor, "Dr. Young, take your people out!"

Dr. Young nodded, "Scott, your condition is stable, remember not to be angry any more! I'll stay in the hospital today. Call me if anything happens. "

"Thank you, Dr. Young." Finn said.

Dr. Young sighed, "there's no need to say thank you between us. It's just that, pay attention to the health of Scott. He can't be jarred anymore!"

Finn nodded with a little gratitude in her eyes, "Okay, I'll take care of it!"

Standing aside, Edgar didn't say anything, but his handsome face was full of worry and self reproach.

He knew that his father had a heart attack. He felt guilty when his father had a heart attack. He should not contradict him.

As for Ivy, who was standing beside him, she lowered her head and didn't say anything, as if she had made a mistake!

At this time, Scott regained some of his strength, and said slowly, "you all get out! Ivy will stay and I have something to talk to her! "

Edgar held Ivy's hand and looked up at her. "Go ahead. I'll wait for you outside. Don't be afraid. You have me!"

His words were like a tranquility pill that made Ivy, who was still nervous just now, calm down a lot.

Ivy suddenly nodded and said, "okay!" Although she did not know what Edgar's father wanted to tell her, she was no longer afraid.

In the quiet ward, there were only Scott and Ivy, who was still a little uneasy.

It was not because she was afraid. She was just a little nervous facing the inborn powerful

ery worried about his father.

"Forget it. I won't go inside! It's okay as long as he's fine! " In fact, he was afraid that he would get angry again if he went inside.

At this time, Finn came over.

She glanced at Ivy and felt quite confused. She couldn't believe that this woman was so capable that she should persuade her husband to agree with their marriage within one hour! Yes, when Finn entered the ward, Scott unexpectedly said, "forget it, let them go!"! His meaning was very clear.

When Ivy was in Edgar's car, she was still in a daze! It turned out that everyone had stories. In the ward, she obviously felt the sadness on Scott's face.

"Ivy! What are you thinking about? "

Edgar raised his eyebrows as usual, and put his handsome face in front of her. His kitten was so cute since it came out of the ward! Interesting!

Sure enough, at the next moment, Ivy raised her chin and put on an unfathomable look, "Hey, chick, are you trying to ask what your father has told me! Am I right? "

Hearing that, Edgar raised his eyebrows and said, "no, No! You are wrong! " She dared call him "chick". He would punish her for that!

But before she could say anything, her mouth was covered with his!

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