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   Chapter 45 Back To A City

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Listening to the murmurs in his ears, Edgar saw that she closed her eyes gradually and breathed evenly. Very soon, she fell asleep.

In the quiet night, he put aside a lot of things and simply dealt with the things in his hands. Without taking a rest, he came to see her directly, although he had been really tired in the past few days.

He looked at the kitten in his arms, hugged her in such a quiet night, looked at her every expression and heard every word she said. He felt very comfortable.

Looking at her sleeping face for a long time, Edgar lowered his head and gave her a kiss on her eye.

The next morning, the sun slowly rose. They watched the sunrise, hand in hand, and went back to a city.

He was laughed at for being unable to have sex these days. On his way back from C Town, he determined to take Ivy straight to his apartment. When he rubbed her all the way from the parking lot, she was already out of breath by his kiss. Her two red lips were so bright that he gritted his teeth but could not do anything to her.

At this moment, Ivy was not intimidated at all. She hooked his neck and teased him, "Wow! My husband is so bossy! I'm so scared! "

Edgar carried her into the elevator. He bit the buttons of her clothes with his teeth while kissing affectionately on her neck. Then he said to the woman in his arms with a hoarse voice, "my sweetheart, I've been tolerating you for a long time. "

Ivy laughed in Edgar's arms and said with a trembling voice, "Sir, it seems that you really can't get your wish. I have my period to protect myself. Ha ha!"

Ever since she came back from C Town, she found that they got closer to each other, just like sticking to each other's heart. Such a happy feeling made her walk out of the shadow of that "wild child". It turned out that there was also someone who loved her.

Looking at the woman who was protected by her period, Edgar gritted his teeth and thought that she must do something that was worthy of him today.

It was not easy for him to get the woman he liked out of the elevator. Hugging the smiling Ivy in his arms, Edgar walked towards the door and fumbled

cups of tea gently on the table. Standing beside Edgar, she took courage to speak to the angry Scott.

"Uncle, aunt, please forgive us. Edgar and I really love each other. Please accept us to be together."

She glanced at Edgar gently and continued, "I know that I don't deserve Edgar and I also know that I can't help him in his career! But I swear I will be good to him and I will love him with my life. I also know it's my fault for the company's huge loss, But I didn't do it. Someone used me. Although it was hard for you to believe, I will never allow myself to fall into such an embarrassing situation in the future and bring trouble to Edgar. I can try my best to be his woman! "

After she finished her words, she made a deep bow to them and said, "aunt, uncle, please allow us to be together."

Looking at such a humble Ivy, Edgar suddenly held her in his arms. He frowned and said, "I've said that my woman doesn't need to be humble. Ivy, you don't have to be so humble. No matter what, I won't marry anyone except you!"

They were still in a trance of love, standing next to each other, and Finn looked at them with extreme irony. No, how could she give her son to this woman, no! She wanted to stop her, but when she turned around and looked at Scott, she saw Scott falling down with his right hand on his chest.

"My Lord, what's wrong? Wake up! "

"Dad! Dad! Are you okay?"

"Ambulance! Ambulance!"

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