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   Chapter 44 The Life In C Town (2)

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Ivy, with her face red, stole a glance at Edgar.

That was how he had been. He followed her all the way here, watching her eating, watching her smiling, and buying for her. There was no trace of impatience in him. Sometimes when she turned her head, she would see his gentle gaze on her.

When they arrived at a beach, Ivy sat there with her back to the right side of the beach, while Edgar sat down beside her gracefully.

She gazed into the distance quietly.

Five minutes later......

"Edgar, do you know why I came to this city?" Ivy said calmly.

"Is this the place you used to work with your sister?" Edgar's face did not change at all.

"Yes, we have a lot of memories here!" It was not surprising for him to know that, and it was not surprising for him to have investigated it with his means.

"At that time, Megan and I just came to a city from the countryside. She found a relatively decent job here. She often took me to the roadside stands to buy me food once she got her salary, We were so happy then. Although I hadn't found a job and Megan sometimes was so passionate to me, I never doubted her love for me.

When I was in my hometown, dad always hit me when getting drunk. But sometimes, Megan would protect me. Since my mother passed away, I always thought at least she would be nice to me. "

Ivy sniffled and continued, "but not until the day she told me everything, I realized how stupid I was. I just couldn't figure out why my father had always beaten me and scolded me, but was surprisingly good to my sister.

and why Megan give me cold shoulder sometimes! What makes me feel the most ridiculous is that I am not my father's daughter. It turns out that sister has hated me for a long time. "

Edgar sat aside, silent. He knew that Ivy needed a listener now.

Tears were rolling in her eyes. She kept saying calmly, "it turns out that I am a bastard. I have no father. I am a bastard."

Hearing that, Edgar frowned tightly. It was not until now that he realized Ivy had an unhappy childhood, which made his heart hurt so much.

What hurt me most was that my sister set a big fire to me when I was eig


Seeing that she stopped talking, Edgar suddenly felt much better, and now he had been very calm before.

"Do you want to ask me if I am the boss of the underworld, right?"

Then she saw Ivy suddenly nodding her head.

"Yes, it's me. My another identity in the United States is the leader of the shadow group!"

He had thought that she would be scared when she learned about his identity, but she calmed down after seeing his surprised face.

He raised his eyebrows as usual and joked, "my lady, do you mind your husband's identity?"

Ivy was amused by his words. She tilted her head and pouted. "Well, I do mind it very much. I'm too scared!"

"It doesn't matter. I can run away with my wife as long as I can," Edgar said, holding her in his arms again

"Run away? Where?

"How about going to the end of the land? It's so distant,"

"No, I'm not going. I don't want to move!"

"It doesn't matter. I can hold you, okay?"

At this time, Ivy, who was held in his arms, immediately lay down in his gentle arms. She felt sleepy all over. "No, your little lady is too sentimental"

As a matter of fact, she wanted to say, "no matter where you are, I will always be with you."

She knew that his story was not over and she suddenly did not want to listen. Because she knew that once he said it, he would recall those things she did not want to recall. She did not want him to be sad. She did not listen.

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