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   Chapter 43 Life In C Town (Part One)

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All of a sudden, she heard some children shouting and laughing nearby. She turned her head and saw several children running towards her while playing. She moved forward and stopped them.

Then she squatted down and took the rest dolls in her hand. These dolls were all what Megan left for her. She cherished them very much in her childhood!

Ivy handed over all these dolls to the kids. Although these dolls were old enough, they were still well protected by her and looked very new.

Those children were all very happy with the dolls in their hands.

Day and night, she finally stood by the bridge with her hands empty. She just felt that she had put a treasure in her heart for the first time. After that, all the things she did not want to think of should have been placed in the peaceful town where she and her sister had a good memory.

From now on, she and Megan were no longer family. In fact, she never hated her sister, nor could she hate her.

The next day, Ivy got up very early and finished her breakfast in a hotel. Then she went to see the cyan boat meeting held in C town every half a year.

C town was extraordinarily lively today. People came and went, and the seaside was crowded, It was a festival when all the drivers in the town competed with each other about singing. Every boat would have a sailor and he would hire a helper.

The helper could be the sailor's family or people whom he didn't know at all. They would sing together and the audience would pick the most tacit songs.

There was no material award or other elements. But such a program was still welcomed by people in C town and other cities.

At the beginning, Ivy was standing in a good place, which was a turn of the bridge. Although she could not see it clearly, it was also a right angle and there was no other people around. What she did not expect was that a boatman would invite her to sing together.

The boatman was an old man, wearing a straw hat and wearing an amiable face. He looked at Ivy who was slightly surprised and said with a smile.

After agreeing to her his invitation, Ivy and the old man went to the town head to choose the number and they happened to draw the last number. She was relieved and began to practice singing seriously at the bow of the

e two people who had entered the company together that night, not one person.

Then he asked someone to check the video in the monitoring room. It was obvious that someone had tampered with it.

So he speculated that except Ivy, her sister might have something to do with these events. Obviously, based on her expression, Ivy's sister had told her everything.

The peace in C city was pleasing to his eyes. So he didn't take her home in a hurry this time, because he knew that Ivy needed to be treated at the moment.

In the afternoon, the snack stands on the street were laid out one by one. Ivy began to walk along the street from the moment she saw the food. There were baby foods with rice flour, steamed stuffed buns, spicy food... They tried everything at the end of the street.

At last, she lifted a fish ball and couldn't eat anymore. Thus, she turned around and looked at the man who had been following her and had several snacks. Suddenly, she reached out her hand with the fish ball.

"Edgar, you are a man. How could you be so delicate? How come you get these muscles after eating so little?"

In fact, she knew that Edgar might have some objection to the food sold at these stalls. That's true. How could a rich young man like him love the food sold at such a low price? These are the food the commoners like to eat?

But today, she just wanted to be willful. Seeing her lips pouted up and her lips curled up, Edgar chuckled and lowered his head, nibbling her hand and ate the fish ball.

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