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   Chapter 42 Megan's Real Character (2)

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When Ivy was young, she was also very confused. After she had a serious illness when she was eight years old, some of her memories were always messy. After that, her parents always quarreled, And daddy always found various reasons to beat and scold Mommy, after that, Mommy died of illness, and daddy turned his vent on her.

"Are you hiding something from me?"

"Ivy, there are some things you should know. Do you know why father suddenly changed? Humph, because you are not my father's daughter at all? You are a bastard of my mother and another man! You wild child! "

"I'm not my father's daughter. How can it be possible? Are you kidding me? " Ivy was shocked.

"You are too naive, ivy. I didn't lie to you? Listen carefully, ivy. You are not the daughter our family, and your memory has disappeared when you were eight years old"

The more she spoke, the more excited she became. She couldn't wait to see the bewildered and painful expression on Ivy's face.

Then she continued to sneer, "and since we have become such a person, I have nothing to hide. I think it's okay to tell you something. Do you still remember the fire when you were eight? Humph! The fire was not an accident, it was my masterpiece. I thought you would die in the fire! But I didn't expect that mother would save you! "

"But your wound..." Ivy remembered that her mother told her that it was her sister who had saved her. So how could she?

"My injury was just a result of my carelessness when I set fire on fire. It was really ridiculous! I will save you? I just don't want to make an enemy so early! "

"But we are both mommy's daughters. How can you do this to me!"

She was so furious that she shouted out hysterically.

"But you're not my father's daughter after all. You're just a bastard. Why should you be loved by so many people when you were a child? Mom, grandma, even the boy I liked at school will like you in the end, and your brother-in-law will also miss

een kept in her mind——

"If you have ever met the deepest love, how lucky you are. It's not obvious words, flowers or any extravagant jewelry or anything you can see at a glance. It's just that I'm often willing to look into your eyes out of your sight and never get tired of it.

After leaving the beach, Ivy went back to the hostel and opened her luggage on the bed.

She took out a box from the suitcase and opened it. Inside was a fairly delicate necklace.

He gave the necklace to Ivy as a gift. Under the necklace was a photo album. It was a picture of ivy and Megan.

These were the most precious things in her life, and she would always keep the most important things for her, including the necklace that Edgar gave her.

She remembered that on her birthday, the necklace that Edgar had given her was supposed to be carried with her all the time. However, she had told him that she was going to keep it until her wedding. At that time, Edgar had mocked her for being silly.

At this moment, she took the pictures out of her Blackjack and took the match box at the table.

After leaving the hotel, she put all the photos on the ground beside a bridge at the corner, drew off the spark slightly and lit them up.

After everything was burnt, she threw the brat into the trash can as well.

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