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   Chapter 41 Sister's True Face (Part one)

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"I don't know what you're talking about?" asked Ivy, confused

"Humph! You don't even admit it! Can you swear that you didn't sneak past the CEO's office? Can you swear that you didn't steal anything? Since you have already done it? Why don't you admit it? "

Mia glimpsed at Ivy and continued to attack her, "do you know that you have leaked confidential information of the company and caused a huge loss to Edgar's company? You know what? Because of you, Edgar has to go to those suppliers and apologize personally. Do you know that?"

Ivy stepped back a few steps. She was stunned. How could it be possible? She kept recalling the scenes of those days.

Entering Edgar's office secretly? Was it on that day? Was it Megan? No, that was impossible! No way! How could it be possible? How could she do harm to her? No, she didn't believe it!

Mia looked at the complicated expression on Ivy's face and smiled weirdly. It seemed that she got what she wanted.

At this time, Finn also stood up. She took out a check from her bag elegantly and gave a disdainful look at Ivy, "here is one million. I give you two days to leave Edgar. You can only bring him endless trouble. If you really love him, I hope you can let him go, it is the best choice for you to leave him!"

Then, Finn gave her the check of 1 million dollars.

Just as they were about to leave, Angie suddenly grabbed Mia's arm and asked, "tell me when you learnt about the confidential information of the company."

"What are you doing? Ivy, move your dirty hand away and don't touch me! "MIA said with a disgusted look. She tried to get rid of her hand, but Ivy held her hand even tighter.

A tinge of coldness flashed across her complicated eyes. "Tell me when the confidential information was leaked? Tell me the specific time? " She asked. She didn't believe that her sister would do harm to her! No, she didn't believe it!

"May 1st, August 5th!"

As these words were spoken, Mia inadvertently glanced at Ivy.

When she saw the red butterfly birthmark on Ivy's wrist, her face s

hinking. No matter what my brother-in-law thinks, I still have no feelings for him. "

Before her sister got a divorce, Ivy found that her brother-in-law treated her a little bit differently, and she had told her sister about it at that time. But her sister always said that she thought too much, so she didn't care if it was her being oversensitive.

Since then, ivy had never been to her sister's home. If anything happened, she would always call her sister to discuss with. She was afraid that Megan would misunderstand her.

"Sis, do you dare to say that you divorced your husband because of me? Are you telling your conscience that you didn't do anything wrong to your husband? "

At that time, Ivy still remembered that her sister had a bed photo with another man and her husband had followed her secretly.

Therefore, in order to protect her marriage, she deleted the photos of her sister's cell phone secretly, and also helped her sister get rid of her brother-in-law. Although she knew that this was not the right way, it was her sister. And she always felt that her sister wanted to live a good life with her brother-in-law.

"Ivy, don't use your excuses as a kind word. I don't need it, and I don't care! Do you still remember when you were a child, why did dad always hit you and punish you when he got drunk? " A weird smile appeared on Megan's face.

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