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   Chapter 40 An Unexpected Person

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After she put Tyron to bed, she fell into a daze on the sofa. She had planned to take him to the amusement park, but when she separated from Edgar, he asked her to stay at home instead of going out and wait for him to come back.

She didn't know what had happened in the company? But judging from his expression, there was something serious happened in the company.

Ivy didn't know what else she could do. Well, just stay at home and wait for him to come back! She didn't want to be his burden.

When she was wandering, a "Ding Dong" interrupted her thinking.

WOW! He has the key, doesn't he?

So she opened the door with doubt.

"Auntie! Why are you here? " Astonishment was written all over Ivy's face. She had thought that the woman standing in front of her was Edgar, but it turned out that she was his mother, who wore a suit of famous brands. She remembered that last time she met him, she didn't seem to like her very much. And this time, she saw the disdainful look on her face.

Before Ivy could speak, a voice came from the outside, "aunt, I have found my phone.".

Wearing a famous dress and 3-inch high-heeled shoes, Mia stood in front of ivy.

"What? Do I need your permission to come to my son's house?" Said Finn, holding her head high.

Ivy twitched her mouth and said nothing!

Without even taking a look at Ivy, Mia walked over in front of her and came to the living room with Finn.

A bitter smile appeared on Ivy's face. It seemed that Edgar's mother came for her today.

However, when she took a glance at Mia, she thought, 'if Edgar's mother comes to me just because she wants to ask me about being together with Edgar, but why does Mia come here?'? She still remembered what happened in the parking lot last time. What she left to Ivy was only one word - "danger".

Then, Finn and Mia came to the living room and sat down elegantly on the sofa.

Then, Finn gave a disgusting glance at Ivy, who was standing at a loss thinking about wha

d in China.

'there won't be anything wrong with the news if it from Mia. Which rich father would marry his daughter so easily? Besides, if Edgar purchased MYN industry, he would definitely get a higher position in his career.

In fact, what Finn didn't know was that Mia was just a step daughter.

Then, Finn gave her a ferocious stare and said, "Ivy, stop talking nonsense. I will give you one million and leave Edgar. Otherwise, I will expose what you have done to the media and put you in jail! Do you understand? Go to jail! "

It seemed that Finn had completely forgotten about the incident in the parking lot just now. Now, she was only filled with fury towards Ivy.

She couldn't understand why her son would protect the idiot? Ivy looked puzzled and had no idea what had happened?

It was not that Ivy was an idiot, but that Edgar did a good job protecting her. He just didn't want to tell her the truth.

But Ivy was totally confused now! What did she do? Going to jail?

A look of satisfaction flashed on Mia's face. She said with a sinister smile, "it seems that you still don't know anything about it. I'm so sad that it is you that divulge the confidential information of HENGLI group, right? You sneaked into Edgar's office and stole the confidential information of the company, didn't you? "

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