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   Chapter 39 Anger Of Edgar

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On his way to the old house, Edgar drove his expensive car as fast as he could. In fact, he wanted to go back to see his kitten, but he couldn't make it now. So he took out his phone and dialed Ivy's number. He missed her.

He picked up the phone, "Ivy, I miss you!"

"Edgar, you"

Before she could finish her sentence, Edgar hung up the phone. "shit!" What was he talking about? How could he...

Ivy's face suddenly flushed. It was the first time she had heard him say so, and Tyron who was sitting next to her took a glance at her.

"Mother *, your face..." (* TN: here mother means sworn mother)"

Ivy turned her face aside and said with a guilty conscience, "nothing! ha-ha! I just feel a little hot. " She would never admit that when she heard Edgar's attractive voice, there was a surge of hormones in her.

In the urban area, rows of old-fashioned houses were closely next to each other, and with carved doors, the ancient buildings stood out in the city.

As soon as Edgar stepped into the living room, a good blue and white porcelain teacup fell to the ground by his feet before he could change his shoes. The teacup was smashed into pieces, looking horrible!

Hearing that, Edgar stopped putting on his shoes. Looking at the serious expressions on the faces of the people in the living room, he shook his head slightly and sighed.

In the middle of the living room, a man in his fifties was sitting solemnly in the main seat. His face was full of anger and dissatisfaction. He didn't even look at him when he walked in, but only left a cold sentence of reproach and turned his head to the other side.

"See what you have done?"

Seeing what happened, Edgar knew that his dad had known the company's situation. He felt chilly because his dad was in a rage at the moment.

However, he hesitated and stopped three steps away from the main seat, waiting for his father's decision.

Everyone in the Luo family was afraid of his father. He had retired from the underworld for many years, but

ther breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Edgar, how are you going to deal with this matter? The older foxes in our company are keeping an eye on you all the time! How about this! I'll stay in the company as usual in the following days. You go and meet those suppliers and settle this matter. "

Hearing that, Edgar stopped his right foot. "I see," he said

Looking at Edgar's back, his mother was worried. "Master, do you really agree with that girl from the countryside to be with our Edgar? Edgar is one in a million. Who is that woman? Nothing... "

Before Edgar's mother could finish her sentence, Mr. Luo's eyes narrowed. His mother's eyes lit up when she saw the way he talked. "Dear, have you thought of something?"

Edgar's father said coldly, "Finn, didn't you say that the chairman of the CHUANGMEI group would invite us to have tea? I heard that his daughter, Mia Meng, has a exceedingly beautiful appearance. Hasn't she said that she was the one who engaged to Edgar at the very beginning? "

Edgar's mother smiled, "Sir, you mean? "

Edgar's father nodded and said, "Edgar is young while we are old. The only thing I can do now is to give him a chance to help him reach the top in the business world."

"Master, sooner or later, Edgar will understand." Holding her husband's arm, Edgar's mother tried to comfort him.

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