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   Chapter 37 My Woman Doesn't Need To Be Humble!

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"Listen to me, ma'am. Tyron didn't do it on purpose. Could you please spare us this time?" Ivy begged in a low voice.

In fact, Ivy really wanted to give her a slap and make her passed out. But now, she could do nothing but let woman point at her nose and scold her. She could only endure, endure, and endure!

Because, only in this way, Tyron could continue to go back to the kindergarten to study.

She could do whatever she wanted to do and leave the company.

But she couldn't mess up what happened to Tyron. She didn't want the child to be ruined by her.

So, in any case, she must endure the humiliation today!

But in her mind, she scolded Tyron fiercely. Damn it! How could he hit a fat man in the face and made his face a normal bun face? Looking at his dark face, Tyron even knocked out the man's front teeth. Alas! Did they fight with each other? It was a heart rending process!

But what surprised her more was that how could an eight year old child be so strong?

"Look at what your son did to my baby? I'm wondering how a quiet and well bred woman like you could have such a rude son. " Her plump figure was shown in a loose blue dress. But her voice was very incompatible with her appearance.

She had a fair face, and her voice was terrible. It was a puppet in Ivy's eyes. She had been scolding her for half an hour, so she thought that her ears were almost deaf.

"I know it's all Tyron's fault. Please let him go for the sake of a child. Don't post the video of Tyron fighting on the Internet, or it will destroy him. Please! I beg you! Madam! "

At the same time, she took out her purse and took out a bank card from her pocket. It was all her savings. She had been scribbling and pinching for many years.

"Ma'am, here's fifty thousand in this card. It's all my savings. I'll gi

stood up, rubbed her hands, turned around and walked to the woman.

Without saying a word, she directly went up, slapped her hard across the face.

The fat woman covered half of her face and stared at her in shock

At this moment, Ivy was so arrogant. She blew her palm and sneered, "I tried to persuade you. old woman, you still have to be harsh. Since you don't want to let my son go, why should I apologize?"

The husband of the fat woman jumped up from the bed and pointed at her with anger How dare you hit my wife? I We will sue you! "

Lifting a wisp of her hair, she held out a finger and said, "hush! Lower your voice. Do you know who my boyfriend is? He is the CEO of HENGLI group, Edgar. I think you should know that he would deal with people who offended him and those people all come to no good end. Are you sure you want to keep grumbling? "

'Edgar? Edgar?

The husband of the fat woman, when he heard the name of Edgar, was so frightened that his legs became weak and he almost fainted. He did not expect the man behind her to be the famous Edgar.

The fat woman's man almost knelt down, trembling. "Yes I'm sorry. It's all our fault. My child and It has nothing to do with Tyron

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