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   Chapter 36 Tyron Stirred Up Trouble!

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Sitting straight in the chair of the restaurant, Edgar listened to the noisy crowd around him. A hint of impatience flashed through his calm eyes. If Ivy hadn't asked him to take care of the child. He would never stay in a place where was full of noise for him.

He looked at the little boy in front of him, with a boy face that hadn't grown up. He was in children's uniform, and his little black eyes looked coldly at him, as if he wanted to see flowers on him.

Tyron grew up in Celine's family. His uncle was a powerful reporter. Under his influence, he knew many things, such as the man with an evil face and a sense of coldness sitting opposite to him was the CEO of the HENGLI group, Edgar.

But to his surprise, he didn't understand why Edgar fell in love with his sworn mother, Ivy. It was said that he had a group of celebrities, famous models and heiresses.

"Little guy, what's your name?"

It was Edgar who broke the silence.

"Tyron!" He said calmly.

Hearing that, Edgar wore a smile at the corners of his mouth. Interesting! The little guy was not afraid of him at all.

"Do you know who I am?"

"I know. Aren't you the new CEO of HENGLI group, Edgar?"

"It seems that you know a lot at such a young age?" Edgar seldom showed up in front of fireflies, so it was really surprising that an eight year old child could know him!

"Now that you know who I am, So you also know the relationship between me and Angie! Tell me, why did you fight? " Edgar said, looking straight at Tyron.

"I don't have to tell you?" Tyron glared at the man in front of him.

"Now that your mother * asked me to take care of you, you need to give me a reason. I don't like cowards." (* TN: here mother means sworn mother) Casually leaning on the chair, Edgar tried to goad him into anger.

Speaking of that, when Ivy tried every means to ask the kid about what had happened, the kid in front of her was stubborn and she didn't know why he got into a fight, she had to go to the hospital to see the kid who was hurt by

waiter and said, "pack it up!"

Standing one meter away from him, Edgar saw him putting all the food in the bag, then rolled his eyes and asked, "little guy, what do you want to do?"

Without raising his head, Tyron said, "don't waste it! I will take these back to mother *! (* TN: here mother means sworn mother)! She loves attending restaurants the most! "

Hearing that, Edgar's mouth twitched again. Could he not afford to support a woman?

Then he turned around and walked out of the gate under the waitress's confused and anthomaniac look.

"You naughty boy, I'll wait for you in the car!"

A few minutes later, finally, he saw Tyron walking towards him. It was Tyron who could make Edgar wait. If the boy was not Ivy's godson, he would have slapped him to death. 'How dare he waste my time! He is asking for death!' thought he!

Edgar rushed to the gate of the hospital with Tyron at full speed. Tyron opened his mouth at the size of an egg because of fear, and then they got out of the car.

When they arrived at the 25th ward of the children's Department on the third floor, Tyron's legs were still trembling steadily! It was the first time that he had in a car driven like a rocket. He was so scared!

They thought that ivy had dealt with this matter, but when they stepped into the ward, they unexpectedly saw another scene.

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