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   Chapter 35 Love From Edgar

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When Edgar got back to his car, he saw that Ivy had leaned against the seat and fallen asleep. He couldn't help smiling! God knew what was on her mind?

He had thought that she would wait for him to come back with fear and then hug him and cry bitterly. But now, it seemed that it was unnecessary. Ha ha!

But even Ivy herself didn't expect that when Edgar came to rescue her and she was sent to the car, she had returned to calm from fear. Yes, she was calm.

As far as she was concerned, no matter what happened, she would feel a sense of security as long as Edgar was there.

Sitting on the backseat of the luxurious car, Edgar looked at the sleeping ivy. At the moment, he was in a calm mood, but a bit relieved. It felt good to watch his kitten sleep!

Sitting in the front seat, Leo was so excited that his mouth almost twitched! He was such a horrible boss, who always wore a poker face! But now he looked very gentle. How could Leo not be shocked?

After that, Leo stepped on the accelerator and the car rushed towards the villa.

Looking at his boss carrying his little kitten into the house, the excitement that had been suppressing in Leo's stomach finally burst out. Ha ha! He could show off for several days after he returned! It was such a big news! hey!

But when his mind was still pouring out! He heard a cold voice, "Leo, I want to see your performance tomorrow!" These words made the Dragon faint in an instant. Oh, my God! My heart is pounding!

Edgar put Ivy on the bed gently and put his lips on her forehead. "Ivy, I promise this will be the last time you get hurt. No matter how hard it will be, I will protect you in my arms!"

When he turned around and was about to leave, a pair of small hands suddenly grabbed the corner of his clothes. "Don't go, I'm scared!"

Hearing that, Edgar inclined his body for a moment and turned his long legs around.

"Okay, I won't go!" He said gently.

Ivy sat up and stared at his pretty face under the light. She was gradually obsessed with his appearance and didn't come to

r held her in her arms for the whole night, natural cooling her, and feeding her with medicine until her body temperature dropped. Then, her mother patted her on the bed and fell asleep.

After that, her mom had to go to work because of her family background. And since then until her mom had passed away, she had never held her in that way.

And the other two people at home, one was her father, who always drank gambling, and hit her when lost to vent his anger, and ignored her when he won. But somehow her father was especially good to her sister, and he had never touched her a finger.

She didn't have anything that her sister had since childhood, not to mention those her sister didn't have. But luckily she still had a sister. Otherwise, she really didn't know how she could spend her dark childhood.

And now, she once again experienced the feeling of being held in the hands of a perfect man. She felt like a dream, a beautiful dream. It was a beautiful dream that she was unwilling to wake up.

At that moment, Ivy, who was indulged in her own thoughts, was suddenly interrupted by the song, "you are my little apples. My little apples...".

"Naughty girl, you finally answered the phone. Do you know that Tyron had made trouble! Where are you? "

Her heart skipped a beat. "Tyron, what's wrong? Okay, I'll be right there! Send me the address! "

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