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   Chapter 34 He Must Protect Her Well!

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Without taking a look at Myron, who was kneeling and trembling on the ground, Edgar walked straightly to Ivy, who was like a wounded beast in a mess. Raising his hand, a silver dagger with coldness on it was handed to him.

When the sharp blade cut the rope, Edgar gently unbuttoned his shirt and wrapped her little body in the warm suit with a faint smell of dragon's saliva.

"Please take care of my kitten."

He carried her in his arms and handed her to Edward standing beside him. The latter shrugged and carried Ivy walking towards the car.

Then he put her on the backseat of the car. Edward said to the person inside with Edgar's tone, "Leo, take good care of Edgar's kitten!"

The man named Leo was in a black suit. The only thing that frightened Ivy was the scar on his face.

Hearing that, Leo raised his eyebrows. After being in a daze for a moment, he smiled and said, "Okay, don't worry. I see!"


With a bleak and bloodthirsty atmosphere, Edgar, in his black windbreaker, walked step by step to the place one meter away from Myron.

"What do you want to say? Carl!"

He was almost frightened to death, as if he saw a ghost.

"How did you find it out?"

Hearing that, Edgar wore a smile at the corners of his mouth. He said with a cold smile, "do you think they will put you in an important position! "What's the use of a loser who can't get anything from the HENGLI group?"

"How... How did you know that? Who the hell are you? "

Hearing that, a weird smile played on Edgar's handsome face! It seems that Mia doesn't trust you. 'That makes sense. How could a moron have the qualification to challenge me

and know who I am! "

The man who was kneeling on the ground was trembling out of fear. It was not Myron. He

ght as a tree trunk. If taken from a distance, people would think that those standing as straight as soldiers in the middle of the night were black pine shadows.

"Why do you think you are better at it! Say something! "

He smiled with grace, and his dark green eyes were as cold as devil living in the deep sea. One glance at them would make one's heart tremble!

As the last kick fell on his crotch, Carl spat out a mouthful of blood, for it was too heavy for him! Since then, he couldn't stand up anymore and fell into a coma on the ground.

Then Edgar gracefully turned around, his eyes as calm as before, his handsome face expressionless, as if nothing had happened, and he said coldly, "get rid of it and send it to Mia's residence!"

Sometimes he would like to kill Mia directly, but he was a rational man. He knew that he shouldn't do that. Only when he forced Mia to act rashly would that person show her tail!

He glanced at his kitten in the car with guilt. 'that kitten hasn't known why she was murdered again and again!

It would be difficult to be his woman! But he kept telling himself, 'I can't let Ivy get hurt anymore. I must protect her well!'!

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