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   Chapter 33 Ivy Is In Danger!

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Myron, did you buy a car? "

She patted the creamy seat and glanced at the pricey BMW.

She remembered that Myron came from an ordinary family. How could he afford such an expensive car?

"This is my friend's car. We are going to a remote place, so it is convenient for us to drive."

He turned to her and said. But her face blushed at once.

She had a crush on him for the first time in her school days.

"Is that place far away?"

It was a serious problem and she was afraid that she couldn't go home by then.

She fiddled with her dead cell phone, looking dejected.

"What's wrong? Do you have anything else to do later? "

Seeing her a little anxious, Myron frowned and asked with concern.

"It doesn't matter. I could wait for a few days. It's just that I became a full member of the company today. I'm very happy and want to celebrate with the most important person. "

Ivy's face lit up when she heard Myron mention the most important person. She waved her hand.

"Are you thirsty? I bought strawberry milk tea. You used to like drinking this kind of stuff. "

He shrugged and pointed to the drink on the back seat with a smile.

"Okay! I haven't drunk milk tea for a long time. "

Ivy stretched her hand to take the milky tea from the back seat. With a loud bang, Ivy opened it with a white tube, the car was filled with the smell of strawberry.

On the way, they chatted with each other in different ways and felt the bumps of the car. Ivy stretched lazily and then curled up on the seat of the car like a cat who had eaten a lot. Her dream was full of beautiful dreams.

As the sky went dark bit by bit, a bright moon hung on the ground like a millstone. The starlight in the sky was as beautiful as the broken lover's eyes.

"Ivy, Ivy?"

She vaguely heard someone calling her name. When her heavy eyelids slowly opened, she shook her head ha

otect her well. But where was he now? Why haven't he come to save me? ' You liar! You big liar!

After he successfully took off her jeans, he held back his head and felt cold at the back. When Myron looked back, his hands and feet were trembling and he almost passed out!

The group of men behind him, wearing black gloves and suits, were each holding a black pistol pointed straight at his back and head. They were expressionless as if waiting for a command, and then there would be countless holes on his body!

The cold moonlight cast a cold light on the men's chest, as if it was a symbol of a mysterious identity. Not to mention this situation, he had only seen it in the movie. He was almost frightened to cry on the ground with the gun!

As a black off-road Hummer drove over, the men immediately leaned toward the car, but the gun in their hands was still pointing at his head.

When the car door opened, the man in a black suit waved his hand gently, and the men who had guns immediately stepped aside respectfully


Then they saw the man who finally got off the car dressed in gray casual clothes. They all shouted with great respect, "Master!"

A man walked slowly towards her. When she saw his face, her eyes turned red!

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