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   Chapter 32 Sister's Scheme!

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When Ivy returned to the company, Edgar didn't ask her to do anything for him. But he still asked Edward to arrange work as assistant for her sister.

On the third days, Megan wanted to go to Edgar's office.

That night, Ivy took her sister to Edgar's office.

"Ivy, is it really okay?" Megan followed her carefully.

"It doesn't matter, sister. Didn't you say that you would come to the CEO's office to have a look? Since he isn't in today's office, I can bring you in. In fact, he doesn't like others to touch his things in usual, let alone the strangers! "

Today, her sister came to her, saying that she wanted to look around Edgar's office. Although it was night now, she had nothing important to do. Therefore, she might as well take her to have a look. Anyway, she knew the unlock code of his office.

As she spoke, she pushed the door of the CEO's office open. Ivy wondered why his sister insisted on visiting the office of the God of plague and wanted to take a look at it, saying that the decorations on the desk would figure out a person's habits! Shit! What kind of psychology is it!

Ivy muttered in her heart and she didn't notice that Megan took out a black cloth to block the camera skillfully.

What's more, she didn't notice that Megan lowered her head out of nowhere and that she was wearing a black dress deliberately today. It was very dim in the dark night.

After doing this, she decisively took out her signature, pretending to sprain her ankle.


"Sister, what's wrong with you?"

Ivy came forward quickly and held Megan.

"Ivy, my feet seem to have sprained. It hurts!" Said Megan, frowning.

"Come here, Megan. Sit down. I'll take you to the hospital." As she spoke, she helped her sister sit down on the sofa.

Looking at her sister's painful appearance, Ivy felt a pang of pain.

"Ivy, I'll take a rest here. Can you help me to get a bottle of water?"

"Okay. Stay here and don't move. I'll get you some water. After I come back, I'll take you to the hospital." Then she ran quickly to the tea room.

Watching her recedin

ned it with his hands and read the content carefully. With cold eyes widened, dangerous aura gushed up. 'she is in danger.'.

Then he took out his phone and dialed Ivy's number, but no one answered.

"Damn it!"

Then he ordered coldly, "Edward, here you are. No mercy!" Then he turned around and left without hesitation. He wanted to find her.

Hearing that, Leo, who was only kneeling on one knee, quivered slightly. Seeing that, Edward who wore a black dress as well, smiled, "Leo, as our boss ordered, I can't help you any more!"

Hearing that, Leo took a glance at him.

Leo stood up with a puzzled look on his face. "Edward, could you tell me why our boss escaped so fast as if he were chased by a monster?" he asked

"As far as I know, this must have something to do with Ivy!" he narrowed his eyes

"Who is Ivy? "Leo is really confused.

Taking a glance at him, Edward said in contempt, "she's our boss's woman"

Looking at Edward, Leo said angrily, "Let me tell you. Don't look at me like that."

"I will!"

By the way, Edward likes to play with Leo. That's the most interesting way to live a life like this! He was such a nice guy! ha-ha.

"Follow me!" Edgar roared as he walked ahead.

"Yes! "

Edward and Leo answered at the same time.

The two who followed Edgar glanced at each other.

Alas! 'men in love are gloomy and moody!'! Can't stand it!

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