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   Chapter 31 Be Together!

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Hearing that, Edgar blinked and said, "your sister? Your sister is going to be the lady of the Meng family, right? Do you need me to arrange work for her? "

With her legs crossed, Ivy leaned on the back of the chair, trembling, and then said, "Right. But my elder sister does not want to be looked down upon by the Meng family, so she wants to make a living by herself!"

"Do you believe this childish reason?" Edgar sneered

Ivy suddenly stopped and pounded the table. "Damn it! What do you mean, Edgar? You suspect that my sister has her own ulterior motives. Shit! Can you make it clear? My sister is going to be the young mistress of the Meng family. Although the Meng family's business is not as big as the HENGLI group, the Meng family is still a large company. Would she come here to be a spy? Humph, is that possible? "

In her eyes, there was no way her sister would lie to her.

Hearing that, Edgar frowned and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket. Then he lit it and said flatly, "nothing is impossible in this world!"

Gritting her teeth, Ivy stood up and pointed at Edgar angrily, "Edgar, I have saved your life. How could it be so difficult for you to help my sister get a job?"

Edgar was imperceptibly adapted to Ivy's aggressive appearance.

He didn't seem to be angry with Ivy's anger, but he really wanted to open her head to see if there is something wrong with it. He was doing it for her good. Didn't she realize that?

Taking a drag on his cigarette, Edgar said coldly, "for your own good, Ivy!"

Ivy thumped the table and pointed at him bitterly, "Edgar, do you want to do me a favor

Seeing that Edgar didn't say a word after a long while, Ivy was pissed off. She had prepared all the dishes on the table for the whole morning in order to bribe Edgar to let him promise his sist

through Edgar's fretful mind. It made him feel like protecting her ruthlessly. Then he said coldly, "don't tell her! I don't want her to be hurt at all! " He would never allow anyone to hurt her!

Then he spoke with his sexy lips closed and said, "Edward, keep an eye on Megan. Don't let her do anything to hurt Ivy."


"Edgar, Leo sneaked here from the United States. He said he wanted to see you and had something important to report. It seems to be about that person. Do you want to see him?" Edward reported seriously.

Hearing that, Edgar stood up sluggishly and walked to the window. Pinching his forehead with his slender finger, he said, "make a secret arrangement. I'll meet him!"

"Edgar, but many eyes are on you now. Are you sure it's safe to do that?" Edward also stood up.

"Well, go ahead! I have my own plan! " Edgar ordered coldly, looking at the scenery outside the window.

"Okay! I'll arrange it. " Then he turned around and left, leaving Edgar thinking there alone. Edgar said to himself, "Ivy, if I am worse than you think, will you mind?"! Ivy, I really want to let go off everything and just be with you, but But I can't! Ivy! Anyway, I will never let them hurt you!

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