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   Chapter 30 Give Me!

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Ivy went to the shopping mall with her sister happily. It was her sister who called yesterday. She promised to go shopping together. Wow, she was so happy! I haven't gone shopping with my sister for a long time. It feels so good!

"Megan, why do you have time to go shopping with me today?" Ivy raised her head and looked at Megan.

"You little glutton, of course. I heard that you're running out of your favorite snacks. Let's go. I'll take you to buy some snacks today, and by the way buy some supplies for Tyron. I hope you can bring some to him." Answered Megan gently.

"Really! Great! But why don't you bring it to him in person? "

"Ivy, you know, Colin doesn't know at the moment that I have been divorced, and he doesn't know that I have a child either." There was a touch of sadness in her eyes.

This sentence made Ivy understand her sister's difficulties at the moment. "Sister, don't worry, I understand what you said. As for your divorce, I will definitely keep it a secret," said Ivy seriously.

"Thank you, Ivy!"

Then she suddenly thought of something and asked, "Ivy, be honest! What's your relationship with the handsome guy you came with that day? I heard from Colin that you were his personal assistant! I don't think so. "

The excitement on Ivy's face was replaced by shyness. Zed lowered his head and said shyly, "He and I, how to describe! He is my boss. But I ... "

In front of her sister, she always felt that she was still the child that hadn't grown up!

So Ivy told how she became Edgar's personal assistant, how she took a gunshot for him, and how their embarrassing relationship was at the moment? Even though Megan sounded a little impatient, Ivy did not notice that.

It was not until Ivy found herself becoming more and more thirsty that she stopped and picked up the water in the bag, raised her head, and said, "sister, to be honest, I have a slight good impression on him!"

"Ivy, you should know that we can never be looked down upon by others. So, Ivy, don't just stay in the villa now. You have to go to work. You can't make Edgar think that you are doing nothing all day long. If so, his interest in you will slow down, do you know?"

Ivy was stunned by this unexpected question. "Ivy, I'm still his personal assistant! I cook for him every day, do the laundry, and everything else. How can I tell that I have nothing to do? "

"You know how to cook food and wash clothes, but which woman don't? If you want Edgar to really care about you, you have to make him think that you are different at every moment! And let him believe that you are different from other women. Do you understand? " Said Megan as she poked Ivy's forehead.

"Different! But why should I make him think that I'm different? " Ivy curled her lip.

"My silly sister, don't you have a crush on him! Why don't you try dating with him since you have a crush on him! Besides, there are so many beautiful women around your CEO. If you don't show yourself, how can you compare those women? " Megan said in a spoiled tone.

"That's right. Then how can I be different!" Ivy suddenly realized.

"Be his best assistant, of course! Which makes him think that you can not only cook in the kitchen, and

take good care of him, but also be a good helper in his work. and is able to be his wife. "

Ivy nodded in agreement and said, "you're right, sister. I'll apply to work in the company tomorrow and become a real assistant! "

Then, with a sad look, she said, "Ivy, you are so nice! You could do anything you wanted! But I... " Then she sighed and turned around.

Now it was Ivy's turn to be nervous. She got close to Megan and comforted, "sister, what's wrong with you! Why are you sad? "

When Megan told her that how difficult she had been and how she had been looked down upon by others in the Meng family, a tinge of anger rose from the bottom of Ivy's heart. She said, "sister, they have treated you like this, why are they still with him! How about moving out! I will support you! "

"Ivy I love him!"

Hearing this, Ivy stopped what she wanted to say. Even her own sister didn't know how to persuade her to stop the love.

"Then what should we do?" Ivy lowered her head in shame.

"Ivy, could you introduce me to HENGLI for work! I'm a accountant. The basic work is okay for me! Besides, I can help you if I go there! "

So after Megan told how good it was if she could work in the HENGLI group, Ivy's little head, he nodded and said, "all right! I can ask Edgar for you. But whether he wants it or not, I'm not sure! "

Then a satisfied smile appeared on Megan's face, which made her look weird. "Okay, thank you, Ivy!" she said

Then she passed the menu on the table to Ivy, "come on, Ivy order whatever you like. It's my treat!"

"What? Oh! " When she came to her senses, they were already sitting in a cafe. ok

After parting with Megan, Ivy headed straight back to the mansion of Edgar. She started cooking in the kitchen

At last, Edgar was back. Ivy fetched the slippers and took off his coat for him, like a little wife. Ten minutes later

Edgar looked at the rich dinner at the table and the woman. She was in a light blue loose dress which covered her sexy figure completely. Her hair was loosely coiled up, and two white rings were hanging on her white earlobes.

In terms of body shape, compared with those women who surrounded Edgar, they were far better than Ivy.

Ivy could be taken as a beauty if it was to compare the appearance!

But even so, she was the only woman in his eyes.

With a sexy smile on his lips, he said, "Ivy, what's up? Looking at the complaisant look on her face, Edgar thought it was funny. Look at the way she acted, she was so cute!

Hearing that, Ivy smiled. Then she trotted to Edgar, took his chopsticks and picked up some food with the chopsticks, and replied very considerately, "no hurry! Eat first. Talk after you finish! " Then she sat down in front of him and stared at him.

In fact. Ivy put away her waving paws and showed a cute little woman gesture today. There was no doubt that she must have a purpose to play up to Edgar today.

Edgar picked up two dishes, put down his chopsticks, leaned back and said indifferently, "go ahead, what's your purpose?"

His words brought her back to reality and she didn't feel any pain. She laughed and said, "you're the boss, so clever. Boss, I think my sister can get a job! Can you give one? "

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