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   Chapter 29 You Are Not Drunk!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 5513

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Just as she breathed the slight smell of alcohol and Edgar was about to kiss on her sexy lips, she suddenly shouted, pushing a small gap between them with difficulty.

"Well, don't get me wrong. I dragged you back with great difficulty and threw you on the bed. I was brought here by you accidentally. Haha! " Ivy struggled to push him away as she spoke.

But the harder she tried to get up, the tighter she was hugged. Looking at his fiery red and blurred eyes caused by alcohol, she cursed herself in her heart that she should have stayed by his side or should leave at once when she threw him on the bed.

'when did he wake up? Or did he just get up?' she wondered. Looking at his funny face, she wanted to laugh, but she didn't dare to. She wondered if he would strangle her if he knew what she had done on his face!

Seeing that Edgar kicked the shoe on his body, and didn't plan to let her go at all. As the weight on body became heavier and heavier, she saw Edgar stretch his hand towards her neck. She closed her eyes and shrank her neck, as if she was afraid that he would pinch her neck. She shrank and did not dare to move.

To her surprise, Edgar didn't plan to pinch her. Instead, he gently lifted her face with his hands and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth was oily because of eating a lot of food.

Despite the strong smell of alcohol, there was also a light smell of tobacco lingering in zed's nostrils. Instead of disgusting, it was full of the smell of a mature man.

All of a sudden, Ivy was enchanted by his charm, but... "you're my apple, my apple, my apple "The telephone suddenly rang. The two people who were kissing were stunned.

She saw a slight fury on Edgar's face, while Ivy, who was under him, had a red face. Her eyes were blurred like a little rabbit with red eyes.

The funny ringtone was still going on, like a big speaker, growing louder and louder. At this time, Ivy lowered her head awkwardly, and took out her mobile phone from her pocket. When she was about to answer it, it was suddenly grabbed by a big hand. It was thrown away by Edgar. "Come on, let's continue!"

And Ivy was so surprised that her mouth turned into an O shape. Oh, God! How bossy he was! Then no matter how sour Edgar's face was at the moment, Ivy climbed to the other end of the bed without saying anything and quickly picked up the phone. "This phone is very expensive, okay?" Then she saw the name "sister" on the screen and trotted aside to answer the phone.

At the same time, someone behind her twitched his mouth. 'what the hell is she thinking! She didn't understand his feelings at all!

Then the wonderful scene was interrupted by the damned phone decisively.

Edgar gritted his teeth, which looke

d terrifying!

At the same time, a woman was talking on the phone and taking a glance at his dick. Her mouth was tightened tightly. She wanted to laugh but didn't dare to. How adorable he was!

In a basement.

A woman trembled slightly and rolled painfully in the corner, and then she crawled to the foot of the woman who was drinking tea elegantly. Soon! It's almost there. In fact, the distance between them was less than two meters, but it was very difficult for her, who was now like a neither a decent person nor a ghost.

"Please, please, please give me a little," begged Megan painfully.

"Who do you think you are?" Mia kicked away her hand without mercy and snorted.

"Please. Give me a little. I promise you everything! Please! "

"What? Are you ready now! Well, even if she is your sister, you can do it, right? " Mia said as she got close to Megan.

A trace of pity flashed across Megan's eyes, but she nodded as if she had made some important decision. "Yes, I can!"

Then, Mia stood up and smiled wickedly. She raised her hand and waved it slightly. The man behind her took out a small bag and threw it in front of Megan. When she saw the bag, her eyes suddenly brightened. She quickly picked it up and opened it in a second. Her nose stuck to the bag of white powder, and she sniffed fiercely.

Standing in front of her, Mia gave her a look of contempt, and then she took out a document from her bag elegantly. When she calmed down, Mia threw the document to her and said, "you have one week to get the bidding material of HENGLI group next month. Here are some materials about HENGLI company and some personal information of Edgar. You should be familiar with them. You will need it later. "

Taking over the document, Megan nodded respectfully, "yes, my lady!".

The pain she was feeling disappeared as she read the paper. Edgar's domineering and handsome photo was deeply imprinted in her heart. At the last banquet, she did not really notice him. It was better to be his woman than to be with Colin who looked gentle on the surface but extremely vicious deep down. Edgar's wife is really a nice name!

Like a hunter, she seemed very excited to prey. The green light in her eyes was seen by Mia, who raised the corners of her mouth! A woman with desire could be controlled easily.

After they had finished talking. Mia left with her followers, and Megan also walked out of the basement numbly. At this moment. One could not see that a conspiracy had begun here in the cold basement.

Wearing the brand clothes, even with the heavy makeup on her face, Megan didn't look as messy as before. She walked out of the basement, took out her cell phone from her bag calmly and dialed a number, "Ivy, let's meet!"

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