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   Chapter 28 The Appearance Of Sister (2)

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"Ivy, let go of me. You are hurting me."

But Megan was pulled to the bathroom by Ivy reluctantly. She shook off Ivy's hand and gently smoothed her wrinkled clothes.

In fact, she was disgusted with her sister's rudeness. Like two idiots, she was dragged by Ivy to the men's room, and she even kicked all the men who were in the washroom out. God knew how strong her sister was!

"Why did you get engaged to him? Where have you been these years? Why did Mia say that you're a low rank sex slave in the United States? Why? " All these questions were asked out of anger.

"Ivy, how could you still be so reckless?" Megan glanced at her with contempt.

"Sis, say something! Do you know how happy I am when I see you? But why didn't you come to me after you came back? Do you know how much I'm worried about you! " Ivy asked seriously, hands clamped up.

"Ivy, there are things that you can't understand! But if you are still my sister, please don't tell others what happened to me in America, okay? Said Megan with a pitiful look on his face.

"Why? "Ivy asked in confusion.

"Can you stop asking me! If I want to tell you, I'll tell you! "

Megan knew how stubborn this girl was. She would not give up until she reached her goal. But there were some things she couldn't tell her. As long as she thought of Mia's warning before and the addictive things, she told herself to complete the task by herself. Thinking of that, she squeezed out tears from the corners of her eyes hard, because she knew that her tears were the last things that Ivy wanted to see.

"Fine, fine, sister. Don't cry. I won't ask you any more." Ivy stepped forward, hugged her sister and comforted her gently.

"But, sister, how are you doing now?"

Then, she seemed to remember something and asked, "well, sister, when will you go to see Tyron?" Ivy continued.


Speaking of Tyron, there was no sign of a mother missing her son.

"Ivy, please listen to me. I have to ask you to take care of Tyron. I really can't take care of him now!" She knew that Ivy would agree to her request.

As expected, when she saw her sister's embarrassed expression, Ivy finally softened her heart. Because she didn't want to see her sister sad, nor did she want her sister to be embarrassed.

Without asking why, Ivy just nodded and said, "well, it doesn't matter. When we have spare time, we can come back home together. But can you tell me how you are doing now?"

From her clothes and status, she knew that she was very well. But she was still worried.

"Ivy, you can see it, can't you? Look at your sister, I'm Colin's fiancee. Do you think I'm not doing well now? "

Hearing Megan's words, Ivy felt relieved. She nodded and smiled, "yes, yes. As long as you're fine! "

Then she held her hand and said, "sister, let's go out. I'm hungry. Let's go to eat something!"

Then she looked around and saw those equipment for the men use. She was shocked. 'I took Megan to the lady's room, but why is it the men's room?' thought Jean?

It seemed that Megan knew what she was thinking. She chuckled, "silly girl, you just find out the wrong place


Ivy rubbed her head speechlessly. "Oh, right! That explained why the man I just kicked out have such an expression! Haha, I see! ha-ha! All right, let's get out of here! "

Then Ivy and her sister rushed out of the ward one after the other. But they had never seen a pair of strange eyes in the corner disappeared with their departure.


Why! When Ivy and her sister came out of the bathroom, they saw a row of beef. They quickly went over and ate it. When they came back, he was in the arms of a beauty with big boobs. He was so intoxicated? He was so drunk that his head almost got into the beauty's big boobs.

She still remembered that when she dragged Edgar away from the blonde girl and walked to her shoulder, the girl looked at her up and down and murmured in poor Chinese who she was? The man was the one she liked. The beauty was so arrogant as if Ivy was an outsider. That pissed her off. Another arrogant person! So the result of annoying her was that

She angrily clamped Edgar's arm and told the blonde woman with her head held high that Edgar was her decent husband! Recalling the surprise and envy on the beautiful woman's face when she left, Ivy was very satisfied!

She wanted to take Edgar away? Humph! No way!

But she didn't notice that Edgar gave a satisfied smile!

"Edgar! Edgar! "

She patted on his face and called him in a low voice.

Oh my God! He is so heavy that even Angie, who is very strong, found it difficult to drag him back! If it weren't for Edward, they might have spent the night in the streets.

Damn it! Who told her why the CEO of HENGLI group went out without bringing any money? The wallet was full of a credit card. Who told her that she could use the card if she called a taxi! What a pity! But luckily, Edward was always there!

After patting for a few times and still having no response, Ivy shook Edgar's head smugly. Then she took out the mobile phone in his pocket and took out a few pictures of his grimace by squeezing his handsome face, and set them as the wallpaper on his phone screen.

Hoo, hoo, hoo, Hoo! You are cheating me! Look at your ugly face after you wake up!

Suddenly, something occurred to her. She jumped off the bed, walked to her bag, took out a pen from it and painted Edgar's flawless face with great care, in a few moments she painted a turtle on his face. Perfect!

Her eyes narrowed into a line of evil. Ivy clapped her hands. When everything was done, she saw the deep eyes that were staring at her motionlessly. The smile at the corners of her mouth was immediately petrified!


At the sight of his handsome face, Ivy swallowed hard and reached out her hands. She swayed her body to make sure that Edgar's eyes were moving with her body. When she was about to take her hands back at the speed of a tortoise going back to its shell, her hands were suddenly gripped by his strong hands. Then he pulled her hands hard and bumped onto his strong chest.

The bump was not as soft as a big bed, but as hard as steel. Before she could feel the pain in her head, she felt dizzy and was already pressed under the warm body.

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