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   Chapter 27 The Appearance Of Ivy's Sister (Part one)

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When the car stopped, a pair of black leather shoes with pointed toe shoes shone brightly on the car door. From the first sight, they were the masterpiece of a top Italian designer and the clothes were also a high-end limited edition suit.

His tall body exuded an aura of majesty. Even the slightly cold moonlight was frightening. His deep eyes showed the usual shrewdness of a business man. In Ivy's words, ten women named Ivy were still no match for one man named Edgar.

At the same time, Ivy, who got off from the car on the other side of the car, trotted to him and held his arm. There was a trace of panic on her face. Even when she stumbled in high heels while running forward, she was helped by him in time.

Her hand went into a daze. "Edgar, will someone kill you tonight! Could the distance between us be more than three meters? " Ivy turned her head to tease him.

"Don't worry! There won't be! I will protect you! " He replied gently. If someone else heard it, they would surely be surprised. Who said that the CEO of HENGLI group was so cold that it froze to death? Was it a rumor?

The woman shook a little as if she was struck by a piece of black Strapless A-line gauze dress. There are two words can be used to describe Ivy's image now, sexy and beautiful.

Ivy lifted the corner of her lips and gave him a stroke on the chest. "Really? "

She saw the cold face that was looking at her at the moment, suddenly twitched. Edgar was surprised that Ivy was not moved, but doubted his ability! Damn it! If it were another woman, she would have been moved to tears. He didn't want to bother himself arguing with her.

"Edgar, this way please."

A waiter in black gold buckle waiting by the door said respectfully after taking the invitation card from Edgar.

Although Edgar showed only a few times in the industry, some sharp eyed reporters recognized him at a glance. While they were running, other reporters also followed them.

In the face of the questions they heard and the microphones in front of them, the security guards stroked their necks and waved their hands to block the crowd, so that they could enter the hall smoothly.


She pulled at his arm in horror and roared in a low voice. Her little fingernails were so piercing into his flesh. He could feel her hands trembling slightly.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here with you!"

He reached out and held around her shoulder. His black eyes were filled with gentleness. Obviously, his words worked. Ivy relaxed her hand and walked to the center of the party.

In fact, she was not afraid of them at all. On the contrary, she really wanted to strangle them. After all, she was a beautiful woman, okay? The push was really painful, but luckily, they were protected by Edgar.

Just as they entered the hall

"Edgar, you are finally here!"

Mia walked over in a sexy and charming manner. She looked at Edgar with a smile as if nothing had happened between them.

Edgar greeted her with a nod. Even though he knew she showed up with certain purpose.

However, Ivy, who stayed beside him, was not as calm as Edgar. She clearly remembered the woman's vicious eyes in the parking lot.

"Oh, by the way, thank you for attending my brother's engage

ment ceremony today. "Mia said with a polite smile.

"It's your father's idea. It has nothing to do with you." Just a cold sentence made him stay away from her.

Mia froze for a moment before saying with a smile, "whether it is my father's invitation or my brother's invitation, welcome at any time!"

Then she said to Ivy who was still in a daze, "come on, Ivy, let me take you to drink something!" Then she casually put her hand on Ivy's arm.

"No, No. I'm fine. I won't drink it,! Ivy replied in a cold tone. What a fuck! She didn't want to be poisoned to death by this woman.

"By the way, I haven't introduced my brother's fiancee to you!" Mia waved her hand and then a woman walked towards them. She was in a purple dress, the dress was simple and elegant, and the waistband was designed elsewhere. Her hair was simply coiled up, which made her more beautiful and generous.

The woman walked up to Mia and nodded her head slightly. "Hello, I am Colin's fiancee, Megan."

At this moment, Ivy was unable to describe the shock and excitement in her heart. She was completely stunned there.

She had never expected that her sister, whom she had always been thinking of, would appear here! She was so excited that she didn't even know how to speak. She hardly vomited out, "sister, you are my sister!" Tears ran down her cheeks.

"Ivy, long time no see," said Megan

She wasn't excited to see her family. She just talked in a low voice. As if she was not her sister.

Then, Ivy came forward and hugged her elder sister, "sister, you are finally back!

For a moment, she thought the expressionless woman looked like her sister, not her sister.

However, when she saw the scar on her ears, which was as tiny as that of centipedes, she was sure the woman was her sister. The scar was left because her docile sister had fought with others for the first time in order to protect Ivy when Ivy was eight years old. Yes, that's right. It's his sister.

At the same time, Edgar was also surprised. He took a glance at the two people who were embracing each other with his deep eyes. Finally, he saw the strange eyes of Mia. He paused.

He knew that the so-called sister recognition was not that simple.

He had sent his secretary to the United States to find Megan, and had found out where she was exactly. But now, it was another surprise for him to see Megan was here as Colin's fiancee, which made Edgar to think about the situation carefully.

Whether Edward got the fake news from America, or it was because that Colin had rescued her and taken a fancy to her. Edward had told him that she was not spirited up in the United States, without any freedom. There was another possibility that everything they arranged was only for him, but he didn't know what the specific purpose was.

However, it made Edgar feel that the fox hidden beside him was about to be exposed.

Then he took out his phone and sent a message to Edward, "I have found Megan, She is Colin's fiancee now.".

It was only a simple sentence that told two instructions from the senior manager to Edward, who was still working in the company. One is to investigate Megan. The other is to figure out what the relationship is between Megan and the Meng family

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