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   Chapter 26 Do You Want To Go There

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In the Time building.

"How is it going?"

He wore a peaked cap, a black dustcoat, and a black pair of sunglasses. Even so, it was not difficult to see that his features were like those carved by a knife, which was extremely exquisite. The masculine sun mixed with the dark feminine gentleness, and made him more fascinating and evil. He put down the coffee gently and said coldly.

"I'm sorry, master. I screwed it up! "

The woman sitting opposite to him was in a small black suit and a pair of red high-heeled shoes. Tension flashed across her beautiful face.


The man raised his head and looked at the woman. There was a touch of coldness on his calm face.

Apart from nervousness, the woman was terrified by his cold gaze. She trembled and managed to compose herself. "He has taken Donna to a psychiatric hospital. He purchased the Han group with a billion dollars, and he has arranged his men in the United States. So I don't have any chance to approach him now," she said

The man thought for a while, and then an incomprehensible smile appeared on his face. He said as usual in a calm tone, which could not be seen through his mood. "It was Ivy who made him spend so much money. He should be willing to buy a lifeless enterprise with one billion dollars! It seems that he has really made up his mind this time! "

"Also, master, according to my investigation, he is sending someone to the United States today to find a woman named Megan Luo, sister of Ivy." the woman reported word by word.

The man directly knocked on the bottom of the coffee cup in front of him, and a flicker of cunning flashed through his eyes. "Well, well, well!"

Zoe, however, didn't dare to ask anything! Zoe retorted.

"Tell Mia that the plan can go on!" A cold voice was heard.

The man stood up, and without looking at her, he turned around and left with his hand pressed on the peaked cap as if he didn't want anyone to see what he was doing.

The woman took a deep breath, picked up her bag and left. She looked familiar under her bangs. If ivy had seen the picture, she would have screamed out. It turned out to be Zoe!

At the same time, nothing happened to the other two people.

"Where are we going?"

Sitting in the steady car, Ivy was drinking yogurt while crossing her legs. With a rare moment of distraction, she turned to look at Edgar, who was typing on the business computer with his fingers.

Although she has fully recovered these days, she really wants to stay at home all day. She doesn't like to sleep at home. It's good for her to eat and sleep every day.

In that way, she didn't have to follow the God of plague every day and also didn't have to be afraid of any danger. God knew how many people wanted to kill him around.

After several incidents, how much she hoped he could keep a distance of three meters. She didn't want to be shot or tied up. She was not a cat; she didn't have nine lives!

After going through this period of time, she obviously felt that Edgar was very mysterious, no, his identity

was very mysterious.

But why would the CEO of HENGLI group be assassinated! Although Ivy was very curious about this, she did not dare to ask after being beat to death. As the saying goes, "curiosity killed a cat, she did not want to become a cat!"! All she wanted to do was to be an employee quietly.

Glancing at the calmness on Edgar's face, Ivy twitched her lips in discontent!

"Ivy, the CEO wants to take you to a place."

The driver in the front row turned his head and said with a polite smile. If he gave her an answer which made no sense..

"Well, can I not go there? I'm a little in a bad mood, and I feel that my wound hasn't recovered..."

Before Ivy finished her words, Edgar didn't even look at her. He said coldly, "penalty!"

After finishing her meal, Ivy threw the plastic bags and other stuff out of the window. She curled her lips and looked at Edgar who was busy with his own things all the time. She gave him a ferocious stare. He could only threaten her with the penalty. The damned man!

She really didn't want to go out to see anyone! Then she thought of the man next to her. She thought that although he could be busy with his work in the company, he would rather take it to his car. No matter how serious and handsome he was, it had nothing to do with her!

It might sound reasonable to other people, but when Ivy said she was in a bad mood, it was like a slaughtered chicken. Before it was slaughtered, it said I was in a bad mood and would you mind eating me another day?

However, who could sleep well worrying about her sister all night!

"You always want to know where your sister is, don't you?"

As the car in the urban area slowly stopped at the entrance of a dress shop, Edgar lazily shrugged and got out of the car.

"As long as you accompany me to a dinner party, I can not only tell you where your sister is! but I can try my best to let her stay with you. "

After saying that, Edgar raised his eyebrows, as if he was a sly businessman. He didn't mean to cheat on Ivy. He just wanted the whole world to know that his wife would be her, and could only be her.

Apparently, when Ivy heard this, her eyes lit up all of a sudden. She was so excited that she almost cried out.

Finally, she could find her sister. All her worries and depression disappeared because of this sentence.

Therefore, she lowered her head and walked into the ward following Edgar obediently

When a black Bugatti car slowly drove into a black carved iron gate, it stopped in front of the huge parking lot of the hotel with a gorgeous turn.

There were many fashion icons and actors in the crowd, who just got off the car or were about to go to the hall. It seemed that they didn't come for the banquet, but for the red carpet. Of course, there were many reporters behind them who had waited for a long time.

This kind of situation truly surprised her! She had only seen this kind of scene on TV before. Although she had attended a banquet in the upper class last time, it was more grandiose than the last time.

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