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   Chapter 25 Are You Really Going To Marry This Bumpkin

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How could a village girl be the daughter-in-law of the Luo family? After all, the HENGLI group was so wealthy and influential! No, absolutely not!

"Yes, I want no one but Ivy! " Without even raising his eyes, Edgar tucked the oranges one by one into the mouth of the woman quietly sitting beside him.

Speaking of that, Ivy, who was sitting beside him, was very stressed. Although she had suffered the misfortune of mental disorder, she had gradually recovered under the careful care and medicines of Edgar.

However, before she could tell him, he had already asked her to meet his parents. Who could tell her that when she met the elder, she could do nothing but eat casually here. And Mrs. Luo, the elder, stood aside and criticized him without stopping.

She couldn't stand such a weird scene, so she had to pretend that she was still sick, and that she didn't taste the orange in her mouth.

As a matter of fact, she could have been left in another room by Edgar and stayed out of such an embarrassing situation. However, because Edgar was afraid that she would be afraid of meeting strangers and that her condition would worsen, he would bring her with him wherever she went.

He would take her to work these days, let alone to see his parents!

However, if she told Edgar that she had actually recovered two days ago, but he didn't tell her. She didn't know what he would do. But she knew clearly how angry he looked like. The more she thought about it, the more she lowered her head. 'I really hope that I can be transparent at this moment.'.

Mrs. Luo looked at her fiercely, with a hint of disdain flashing in her black eyes. She had already asked people to investigate. Her mother died, and her father was a gambler. Her sister disappeared after the divorce. She still kept a child for her, who was taken care of by her friends and parents at present. What the hell was going on?

Mrs. Luo had thought that even though Ivy came from a small company or a famous star, she should be from a literary family! However, when she saw her own mother, Ivy was of poor taste. She would never allow her son to be with that woman, let alone marry her!

She glanced at Ivy with contempt and said, "Edgar, I don't care how much you like this woman. I can turn a blind eye to it if you just want to have fun with her. But if you want this village girl to be our daughter-in-law, I will never agree! So you'd better keep your distance from her. Think about the reputation of our HENGLI group in the industry, I hope you can think about it carefully! "

Then she turned around and went upstairs without even looking at her. She was going to play mahjong with some rich ladies today!

Ivy opened her mouth but didn't make any sound. Her big eyes blinked and stared at the carpet, as if there were flowers on it. She was restless.

what! She hadn't expected that Edgar's mother would call her a village girl. Even though she was a village girl, she shouldn't ignore her! Although she was neither a socialite daughter nor a star, she was at least a person with self-esteem! she couldn't just ignore her existence!

If she weren't Edgar's mother, she would have cursed her in he

r mind!

Thinking of a series of things she had encountered, her head ached with hatred. Whew, she had encountered twice major situations because of this God of plague.

She was only here to work! She works for the boss. And she was also be used as a gun. She could do this because of kindness. But who told her that she had to be attacked and abused again and again!

At this moment, she really wanted to kneel down to him. Boss, please fire me!

"What are you thinking about! Girl, are you frightened? "

Then he pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently on the forehead. He coaxed her like coaxing a child, "don't be afraid. I'm here with you!"

Ivy's dark eyes inadvertently flashed a strange light. However, her abnormality was still noticed by Edgar.

"What... What are you doing?"

Ivy, who was still pretending to be an idiot a second ago, hid in a corner of the bathroom the next second because she saw that Edgar threw his shirt away and closed the door of the bathroom unexpectedly.

What was he going to do? He used to shower her, didn't he! And he even tied himself tightly as if he was afraid that she would force him to have sex with her when he bathed her. In fact, she knew he was afraid that he would be too impulsive and couldn't control himself. Although she would feel embarrassed to ask him for help, she knew that he was treating her like a child.

But why did she feel so different now! 'is the God of plague mad?' she thought!'

"When did it happen? "

Edgar pushed her to a corner so that they could hear each other's heartbeat. He put one hand on the wall, and touched her cheek with the other.

"What? I don't know what you are talking about?"

Ivy didn't dare to look into his eyes. Her heart beat faster. She looked at the man in front of her and thought that this man's figure was really amazing. She felt the familiar numbness and charm from the bottom of her feet. She turned sideways, trying to resist his sight.

Ivy's face blushed! 'this man is so handsome and hot, ' Ivy thought to herself. Could you please not seduce me?

"Really? If you don't tell me the truth, I'll kiss you to tell you! "

Then she saw Edgar's lips suddenly covered hers.


Ivy raised her eyebrows and said, "I mean, I have recovered two days ago, but I haven't had the time to tell you!"

Before she finished speaking, she was embraced tightly in his arms. "It's so good to see you recover!"

That was not a cold roar, but a caring one. Was that still Edgar?

Ivy was overwhelmed by his tenderness. She lowered her head awkwardly, then looked up and laughed. "Boss, I'm hungry. How about inviting me to dinner? After all, I saved your life! ?"

Then, Edgar reached out his hand and pinched Ivy's face, smiling. "You are still so adorable when you say something like that"

Then, they walked out of the house.

Actually, Ivy didn't want to stay here any longer. It was so embarrassing!

She didn't know when there was a slight change in their feelings. Perhaps Ivy hadn't discovered it, or perhaps she didn't dare to admit it, she could only pretend to be ignorant and gave vent to the inappropriate feelings between them.

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