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   Chapter 24 The Return Of Edgar's Mother

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Turning around, Edgar saw an annoying face.

"Fuck off! He then took a glance at MIA with disgust.

Seeing that Edgar was disgusted with her, Mia's lips quivered!

"Edgar, why did you cancel the engagement?" Mia shouted angrily in a low voice, surrounding the parking lot of HENGLI group with some people.

It was because of Edgar's cancelation of the engagement that those shareholders who were gathered by CHUANGMEI Group gave up her. All her previous efforts were in vain. Damn it! Such a situation was very disadvantageous to her. Without such a powerful backer, how could she, as a stepdaughter, be compared with the son of the president of CHUANGMEI group. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was all because of Ivy that spoiled her plan. She should have let Donna end her earlier.

Feeling the slight fear of the little girl in his arms, Edgar's handsome face was slightly displeased, then he became angry.

Patting on Ivy's frightened hand, he comforted, "Ivy, don't be afraid. I am here with you! "

Then he turned around, with a touch of coldness flashing in his eyes. "Mia, you have two minutes. Get out of here with your men. Or I'll teach you a lesson!"

Mia snorted with a twisted face! Edgar, do you think that there are secret guards behind you? Ha ha, I tell you, all your useless secret guards have been thrown into the restroom by my guys. Now there are only you and her. I brought my men back from the United States. Do you think you can defeat them? "

Mia took a look at Ivy, who was burying herself in his arms. Her face flashed a hint of coldness. "Edgar, I won't put you on the spot. Just let me deal with the little guy in your arms. We are still the same as before. Keep engagement to help me get the shares of the CHUANFMEI group. I can consider not to hurt you! What do you think? "

Hearing that, Edgar lowered his arrogant face slightly. With a tinge of contempt in his cold eyes, he said, "huh! Don't overestimate yourself!"

"Well, if you don't appreciate my kindness, go to hell!"

Mia said in an arrogant and self-conceited tone. She didn't believe that Edgar would protect Ivy regardless of his own safety.

But she underestimated him.

Then, Mia waved her hand to those strong men and all of them were walking to Edgar. All of them looked very vicious.

Punches came after punches. Trained in martial arts, they only attacked Edgar in his crotch.

They never did things sloppily. Very soon, Edgar found it a little difficult to fight, because he was still holding Angie in his arms.

Somehow, Ivy was very quiet in front of these people. She was only a little scared.

She buried her head in his arms and didn't dare to look. But strangely, she didn't make any sound and she just kept quiet.

"Be good, wait for me in the car," Edgar said to Ivy gently"

Then he kicked those people to the ground one by one, and then he quickly picked up Ivy, opened the door of the car with his hands, gently put her on the car and said, "good girl, wait for me here! I'll be ready in a minute! " Then he turned around and closed the door.

Then he cast a cold glance at the men who had already stood up and said, "you're courting death!"

Nobody could see how he struck. He punched the three men behind him, and then kicked all their vital parts.

With the astonishing speed of Edgar, the other three men fell down. The rest of them were a little timid. They did not expect that Edgar would be so fast, but there was no chance for them to retreat timidly. Because they were terrified when they saw the bloodthirsty eyes of Edgar. Before they could react in a minute, they were shot to the ground by Edgar. It was so painful that they seemed as if they were at their last gasp


In less than ten minutes, he managed to get rid of all these barriers. In fact, he could have dealt with them more quickly with the gun in his pocket, but he didn't need to do that. He had been afraid that she would be scared of him, so he hadn't taken that into consideration.

After taking a cold glance at his defeated opponent on the ground, Edgar raised his head to look at MIA coldly. He asked, "do you want to continue! Otherwise, get out! "

"Edgar, I didn't expect that you are as good as years ago. We can have a competition to see if you can prove your ability,"

Mind your words, Mia. I let you go only for the sake of Jonathan. Have you forgotten what you have promised him?"

Mia was stunned for a moment before a sad look appeared on her twisted face.

Three years ago, when she was Kayla, she promised him that she would leave there and would not live a daily life of murder and fight to hurt innocent people.

"Edgar, what did Jonathan give to you when he died! Did you kill him? " She had been eager to find out the truth in the past three years.

"I have told you, don't touch my girl. This is the consequence of irritating me.

Edgar didn't pay any attention to Mia at all. He quickly walked to the front of the car and opened the door. In his eyes, he saw a woman who had fallen into a sound sleep. The corners of her mouth lifted up with a twitch, she was asleep.

But it was not a bad thing. He could have taken her back directly, leaving the roaring Mia alone.

They arrived at the airport. When the car arrived, Ivy had already woken up.

They stood side by side outside the airport.

He was dressed in the latest Chanel suit, and the light blue color made him look more handsome and dignified. With a pair of 3-centimeter silver gray stilettos, he had a bag in his right hand.

Two servants followed him, and a big box followed.

Finn walked towards them gracefully.


Before the woman opened her mouth, Edgar said.

"Edgar, you..."

Before she could speak, she glanced at Ivy beside him.

"Who is she?"

"My girlfriend, Ivy!"

Edgar's mother looked at her up and down and then squinted her eyes again. If she guessed it right! It seemed that Ivy was the village girl who worked for Edgar!

Therefore, the expression in her eyes changed from measuring to disdain!

"Edgar, let's go home!"

And she didn't even glance at her!

Ivy tugged at the corner of Edgar's clothes. "I, i..."

Then, it seemed that Edgar had understood something. He patted on the back of her hand gently with his slender fingers and said, "it's all right, Ivy. Don't be afraid! Come, let me take you home! "

He thought she was afraid of his mother, but Ivy actually wanted to refuse, but he misunderstood her meaning.

In this way, Ivy was taken home by Edgar out of nowhere.

Following them into the Luo family, they arrived at the most eye-catching luxury apartment in a city.

"Edgar, what are you doing? What do you mean by saying that I must marry her? " Edgar's mother was wearing a suit of luxury clothes. She looked dignified but her face seemed to be irritated. She pointed at Edgar and scolded.

Yes, this beautiful woman was Edgar's mother, Mrs. Luo, Finn.

She had been travelling around the world with Edgar's father, but when they had heard that her son was engaged to the daughter of the Meng family, they had been so happy! Haha, that blockhead finally wanted to get married. She thought, 'it's not bad. The girl is from Meng family. Their families are of good match.'.

However, on their way to the village, they heard another version of the story, "her son's girlfriend is a country girl from a poor family."! They were surprised that they were going to get married.

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