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   Chapter 23 Anger From Edgar!

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When Celine came to visit ivy, she put down her bag and reached out her hand, trying to hold Ivy's hand. But her hand froze in the air for a second and then pulled it back because she saw the uneasiness and rejection in Ivy's eyes, Then she sat down beside her quietly. Before she came here, she heard about what happened to Ivy. She didn't expect Ivy to suffer so much. She had thought if Ivy became Edgar's wife, she wouldn't have to work so hard and didn't have to worry about money.

"What's wrong with you! Don't you know that we are all worried about you! Please recover soon! " Celine looked at Ivy with great concern.

It was hard for her to accept the fact that Ivy was like this. She had thought that her best friend didn't contact her because she had a sweet time with Edgar, but she didn't expect that the usually quirky, straightforward girl would end up like this.

Then she seemed to remember something and showed a smug smile on her face. "Sister, do you know that in order to avenge you, Edgar has even destroyed the Han group? From today on, there will be no Han group, nor the daughter of Han group in the world. The Han group now belongs to the HENGLI group. Donna's family has escaped to the countryside. She has been sent to a psychiatric hospital. You can see how vicious your CEO is. "

Celine looked at poker faced ivy and sighed. Then she continued, "sister, do you know that Edgar has cancelled the engagement with Mia. And he admitted that he has a fiancee, and his fiancee is you, Ivy. " The more she said, the happier she was. She was happy for Ivy, because she deserved it.

At this moment, the door was pushed open.

Edgar, who was wearing a black suit, walked in. He looked tired. Although he had been busy with the business of the company in the past few days and slept in the company, he would come back to see her as soon as he had time.

"How is Ivy? "The voice is as cold as usual. Then he took off his coat and threw it on the sofa.

"It hasn't changed!" Celine stammered. What a domineering CEO! The moment he came in, Celine sensed his intimidating coldness. So damn cold!

It seemed that Edgar didn't see Celine at all. He said coldly with a stiff face, "well, you can go now! I will take care of her! " Then he sat beside Ivy.

Without hesitation, Celine picked up her handbag and left. When she saw the coldness in his eyes, she had to leave though she wanted to spend more time with Ivy. Damn, she was so afraid.

All of a sudden, the room became silent, leaving only Edgar and Ivy. He held her little hands gently, knowing that she would not reject him. He was very happy at that time. Even though he had been punished for several days without sleep, he did not regret it, because he wanted her to recall those unpleasant thin


Ivy finally reacted when she saw Edgar, "I'm hungry!" There was a moment of timidity in her hollow eyes.

Upon hearing that, Edgar seemed to be very excited. "Okay, I'll get you some food right away!" She finally opened her mouth to speak, and this was the first time she said something these days.

Then, Edgar came to open the door of the fridge and took out a pile of snacks. These were her favorite food.

Ivy was eating the snacks. Edgar sat next to her and watched her eating the snacks. For a moment, he lifted his eyebrows, with an arc-shaped smile on his handsome and cold face.

"Ahem!" It seemed that Ivy hadn't eaten anything for a long time and she was choked in a minute. He then passed a glass of water to Ivy with a pair of slender hands and patted her on the back while saying lovingly, "eat slowly. These are all yours!" Well, if there's another person here, that person would be embarrassed to death! Was this man really Edgar?

After drinking the water, Ivy's red face turned normal immediately. And then there came a loud burp. Ivy finally stopped her fierce eating. She was full!

As Ivy got more and more boldly from Edgar, such as food, drinking or playing, she suddenly became familiar with him. That was good. It meant she got better.

However, his mouth still twitched when he saw his childish wife.

Edgar was holding the body of the woman who was only wrapped in a bath towel. In the light, there was a sexy glow on her body, which was as white as suet jade. With the big hand around her waist, he suddenly felt a little breathless. He was not taking advantage of her. It was just her sexy body that warmed his heart. But the timidness in her eyes and the frailty in her eyes made Edgar's heart ache.

He gently held her in his arms and comforted, "good girl, close your eyes and have a rest!"

Ivy did close her eyes obediently, but she still screamed and got frightened during her sleep. But she always held him tightly as if she was afraid that he would leave. Once again he struggled to get up and fell asleep with her. Sometimes, Edgar felt that he would become insane because of holding back the sexual impulsion..

At that moment, his phone rang. He took a look at the caller ID -- Mom.

"Edgar! Pick me up at the airport! "

Edgar hung up the phone and frowned. Hadn't his mother been traveling? Why does she come back now?

He stood up, casually put clothes on her, picked her up and walked out of the house to the parking lot.

The parking lot was exclusively reserved by Edgar, and there were many luxury cars, each of which was owned by him.

Edgar randomly selected a red off-road car of Ferrari

However, when he was helping Ivy open the car door.

At this moment, he heard, "Edgar, how tender you are!"

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