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   Chapter 22 The Same!

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Edgar carried Ivy back to the mansion. After helping Ivy settle down, he watched her sleep. He was tired, but he insisted on coming to the company. There was something he needed to deal with. He couldn't bear it. How dare they hurt his woman.

Arriving at the company with the stinky smell of sweat on his body, even though he didn't like to wear sweat the most, he didn't change clothes. He just drove his luxurious car to the company in a rush. He couldn't wait for even a moment. He wanted to revenge. Whoever hurt his woman must be waiting to be torn apart, humph!

When Edgar came out of the exclusive elevator, he gave off a strong sense of coldness. Ignoring the existence of the whole company, he directly walked into the CEO's office with his slender legs.

He took out the phone on the table and ordered coldly, "Zoe, come in!"

"Yes, sir"

After answering the phone, Zoe was so scared that her legs became weak. But she didn't dare to delay for a minute and rushed to the CEO's office.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Come on in!

"Send me all the documents about the Han group!" He gave a cold order.

"Yes, sir!"

Then, she turned around and left without any hesitation. But as soon as she lowered her head and turned around, her eyes flashed a trace of weirdness.

But Edgar, who was sitting on the CEO's desk, didn't notice her tiny move.

Zoe finished her task quickly. After being with her boss for many years, she clearly realized that her boss was very angry today.

"Edgar, this is all the information about Han group." She gave the documents to Edgar.

"Get out!"

After that, Zoe didn't dare stay nor look at Edgar. She was so frightened that she had sweat on her back! It's creepy. If it weren't for her brother... She would rather be beaten to death than be an assistant here. Fighting with Edgar every day could cause a heart attack.

"Let Edward in!"

"Yes, sir!"

When Edward came in, he saw Edgar, who was in a towering rage.

"Edward, I need you to do me a favor"

"Edgar, are you really going to do this? With a serious look on his face, Edward asked again.

Hearing that, a tinge of coldness flashed across Edgar's gloomy black eyes. In the same chilly tone, he said, "they have angered me. How could I let them go so easily? By the way, some people try to dig out my real identity by all means. They just want me to have no place to stand. If we keep compromising like this, will they give up? "

"So, Edgar, do you want to fight them face to face? But we still don't know who the mysterious man is? Will it alert the enemy? " After thinking about it for a while with the expression on his face, Edward said.

With a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, Edgar said, "do you think that person doesn't know my identity there? "

He then took a sip of tea elegantly and continued, "Edward, don't forget how much Mia hated me three years ago. As for this event, do you think such a detailed plan was only made by the virtue of an ambitious Donna? Even our secret guards who stay here didn't noticed."

"Do you mean that Mia has also taken part in it? And she knows who that man is? " Edward said in surprise.

He looked into Edgar's eyes and said, "yes, you're right. Mia took part in the plan as well. But if that person hadn't given you any advice, they wouldn't have been able to know that I have Jonathan's belongings? Besides, I don't want to see Ivy get hurt again! I will protect her. "

It seemed

that Edward remembered something. He moved forward and asked, "how is she? Is she feeling better?"

Hearing that, Edgar's cold eyes faded. He said, "she's still like that!"

Ivy had woken up yesterday, but she didn't look well. Her eyes were dull, she didn't talk to anyone, nor got out of bed. She just stared blankly at the ceiling. No matter how much Edgar talked to her, she was still indifferent.

Then he called the doctor, and the result was that she had been greatly stimulated, and became a little crazy. When he heard this sentence, he immediately felt regretful and self reproach.

If he didn't have so much misgivings, he might have found her earlier and protected her from being hurt. Fortunately, those damn men didn't touch her. Otherwise, he couldn't imagine what she would look like and whether she would commit suicide.

In fact, he knew that although Ivy seemed to be careless on the surface, he could see that she was a little bit arrogant deep inside. She might make an offer to others because of money, but she would never turn a blind eye to insults. Apparently, she was hurt badly this time.

"Who is taking care of her? Need I find a full-time housekeeper?" Giving him a look, Edward consoled him.

"No. she will be more emotional when a stranger is close to her, so I called her good friend, Celine, to look after her for a few days. When I finish my work here. I will take care of her. "

Edgar pinched his forehead. He hadn't taken a rest for two days. Last night, he hugged her all night because she was afraid of darkness.

But today he had to return to the company for an important meeting.

"Edgar, do you really fall in love with that girl?"

It was also what Edgar wanted to ask himself. He didn't know from when he had had a feeling for her. In the beginning, it was just a joke. Later, he felt that his heart had slowly melted in her. Maybe it was because the time when she had been shot by him, or because he had fallen in love with her at the first sight?

So many of her former experience surfaced in his mind. She was silly, childish, and even quite childish.

Edgar raised his eyebrows and smiled as usual. There was a blush on his face, as if he was in a relationship and was discovered by his teacher. Then he replied, "maybe."

After being stunned for a minute, Edward came to his senses and asked worriedly, "will Auntie and uncle agree?"

"I will explain to them when they come back. Don't worry."

Hearing that, Edward's frown loosened a little. He thought, 'forget it. Let Edgar do whatever he likes. Maybe in this way, he will become a little vigorous and not so cold.'.

Then he stood up and stood to the door, "then I'll go out to work!"

"Wait, Edward, arrange someone to find her sister. She's in the United States." Edgar said coldly as he threw a file to Edward.

After reading the information, Edward frowned and said incredulously, "they even stretch their hands over there!"

Then he looked at Edgar and continued, "are you sure you want to take her back?"

Edgar nodded. "She has been calling her sister. I want to find her sister back. She might get better! "

"Well, I know what to do!" Then Edward walked out of the office with the documents in his hand.

Standing beside the window, Edgar looked at the scenery in the distance and thought, 'what will be, will be!'! It was just a little earlier than he expected. Maybe this was what the so-called "heroes fall for beauties"!

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