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   Chapter 21 Ivy Was Kidnapped

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Being splashed by cold water, Ivy struggled to open her eyes and looked at Donna who was drinking tea calmly. She moved her painful body and couldn't remember for how many times that she had woken up.

She didn't want to explain anything to Donna because she knew it didn't matter anymore.

But at this moment, what she wanted the most was news of her sister, because she clearly remembered that it was her sister's voice on the phone.

Then she shouted at Donna, "Donna, what the hell is wrong with you? Did I tell you? I have nothing to do with Edgar! And where the hell did you hide my sister? "

She saw Donna put down her teacup elegantly and smile at her, with her black eyes staring at her as if she was looking at a dead man.


Donna slapped Angie again!

"Since you want to know where your sister is, Well, let me tell you the truth. You are such a bumpkin. Have you heard of the lowest class person in the foreign country? There is one kind of woman who is only for men's entertainment, and most importantly, their lives are as weak as ants that no one will notice if they are dead. Yes, your sister is one of these women. I won't tell you the details! Hahaha"

How is that possible? No! How could her sister be such a person? Ivy, lying on the ground, pondered upon Donna's words.

She didn't know what to say to describe her feelings at the moment. With tears rolling down her cheeks, her body was more painful than before. She raised her head with difficulty and scolded fiercely, "Donna, you'd better release my sister as soon as possible, or I will kill you!"

Another slap!

"What the hell are you talking about, Ivy! I tell you that I want to see you suffer. Someone wants your backer to live a life worse than death. So I will cooperate well, and you will feel the same way. Humph, guess what I will do to you next. " With her face full of viciousness, Donna wiped her face and looked down at Ivy.

At the moment, remembering her sister, Ivy was devouring her reason with great fear and anger.

"Ivy, since you like to stay with him so much, I will let someone take good care of you today. Look at your dirty body. How can you come back to him? Ha ha. Isn't my idea good? Humph! " Donna suddenly laughed out loud, as if a tiger was hunting its prey. She was extremely excited.

She turned around and winked at the men behind her. Two of them stepped forward and pulled Ivy up from the ground.

Though in dizziness, Ivy checked the decorations in the room and everything was perfect. Then she was groping the floor with her hands, trying to find something, "Ivy, are you looking for your cell phone?" She saw that Donna calmly showed the phone in her hand, which was exactly Ivy's phone. She sneered, "who do you want to call? Was it Edgar? No way! "

She then trampled the phone into pieces and said to Ivy, "don't try doing anything? It won't be that easy even if you want to die. " Then she gave those horrible looking men a cold order, "don't let her die. It won't be fun if she dies!" Then she walked out of the room.

Ivy Looked at the man who was walking towards her with an obscene smile on their face, "ha ha! Come on, let me take good care of you

! "

Then, a man walked to Ivy pitilessly, with his eyes green.

After all, she was only a 20-year-old girl. Although she was a smart and bold girl normally, she was still very scared after going through such a scene today!

"Stay there! Please let me go! " Ivy kept begging and struggling with both hands which were bound, "please, don't touch me!"

No matter how she screamed or begged, the man was indifferent. "I told you not to move. Did you hear me, ha ha!" The man immediately slapped her hard and bluntly shouting got into her mind. The other men also walked forward.

"Please, please don't touch me! Please let me go! Boohoo..."

Her shouting grew smaller and smaller, and the five men became more and more unscrupulous.

At this moment, the door was slammed open.

Instantly, the five men stopped all their movements.

Edgar's bloodthirsty eyes swept over the people in the room, until he saw that a tiny mass of trembling Ivy shrank into a small ball. Then he quickly walked to her, quickly took off his coat and gently put it on her.

"Don't touch me, please don't touch me." she lowered her head and trembled, "It's me, Ivy. I'm Edgar. Don't be afraid. I'm here to save you! "Said Edgar, patting Ivy gently on the head. He said in a distressed tone.

When she slowly raised her head and saw a pair of familiar eyes, Her tears immediately poured down. She tried to softly say with her lips that were still bleeding, "take me away!"

Then she burst into tears in his arms until she passed out. Hugging her in his arms, Edgar looked coldly at the men under control.

Then, Edgar coldly ordered, "kill them all!".

Just one sentence made the five men who had just cursed ferociously turned pale. Before they could beg for mercy, Edward waved his hand and took them out.

He looked at Ivy lying on the bed, moaning and sobbing with a frown. It broke his heart to see her like this. Somehow, his eyelids kept twitching when he had lunch, until he remembered that the woman had been out for a long time.

He took out his cell phone and dialed this woman's number, but he couldn't get through. It wasn't until he received the news from Edward that he had seen several furtive people outside the company that he realized this matter was not simple.

Edgar sent all his secret men to look for her until he found out that she was kidnapped by Donna to a hotel. He blamed himself deep inside, 'if I had discovered it earlier, she wouldn't have been hurt.'. If he didn't consider his status over there, he would have found out where Donna had hidden her!

Although he is the CEO of HENGLI group, everything he does will affect the whole group.

So he couldn't use the group's private power to find a woman. He couldn't take such a risk before he had got full control of the company.

Therefore, he had to send his secret guards who stayed here.

Even though he knows that if he tries to contact Donna, it will involve the whole Han family, which will bring him some trouble, he is not afraid. He is a person who dislikes trouble very much, but if he cares about someone else, he will never let go of those who hurt her.

Looking at her scarred face. His heart suddenly ached.

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