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   Chapter 20 It Doesn't Matter!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6782

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When she was still struggling in her mind, her thought was interrupted by a voice, "what are you doing, Ivy? What are you thinking! Boss is still waiting. Hurry up! " Zoe glared at her with burning, reproachful eyes!

Noticing that Zoe was pissed off, Ivy laughed and said, "it's funny. Boss just asked me to serve the coffee, not asked you to remarry. Why are you in a hurry! "


Ivy rolled her eyes at her. "What do you mean by 'you'? Don't tell me that you really want to remarry someone else. He-he!"

Then she jumped up, not caring whether Zoe was angry or not.

Ivy walked out of the tea room with the cup in her hand.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered something, but she couldn't speak it out. Forget it, it's none of her business!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Come in!"

Ivy stumbled into the CEO's office on her high heels, as if nothing had happened, and then put down the coffee

Then she turned around and was about to leave.

"Stop, Ivy!"

Ivy curled her lips and turned to him with a smile, "what else can I do for you, boss?"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Edgar raised her up to the corner with his strong body.

What was he going to do! Didn't he satisfy his desire just now and wanted to have sex with her? Fuck! Do you really think I'm just a second choice!

'fuck! Does being a CEO mean that he can do whatever he want?'! Do you think I'm a coward!

Therefore, with a weird smile on her face, Ivy didn't say a word but raised her leg and gave a hard kick at Edgar's dick!


Edgar clenched his teeth in pain and said, "Ivy, you..."

Ivy smiled, "Oh, boss, why are you so careless! I'm really sorry! My limbs are so itchy"

Ivy clapped her hands and was ready to leave.

All of a sudden, Edgar lunged at him again

Supporting his hands against the wall, Edgar touched her ears gently with his sexy lips and said, "are you jealous? It's not what you think between Mia and me!"

be jealous! She was jealous! 'everything is fine!'! No wonder people always said that rich and stylish men would be narcissistic! Such is the case!

Ivy blew on his face with a charming smile and said, "boss, do you know who are the most annoying men in the world?"

Without waiting for Edgar's answer, she pushed him away.

Then, with a smile on her face, she turned around and said, " The complacent men in the world are the most disgusting people!"

His fury rose. Why couldn't he and Ivy be in the same channel! Can't she listen to him? "

Then, Edgar pulled Ivy over and pressed her against the sofa. Before Ivy realized what happened, his sexy lips covered hers directly.

What a sweet and lingering moment


Gritting his teeth, Edgar moved his lips away from Ivy's and confronted, "Ivy, are you a fucking dog

He wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth casually. How could she bite him!

With a coquettish smile, Ivy pushed him away and said, "boss, please don't call me like that. I'm your employee and I didn't sleep with you in my contract."

With a quick kick on the desk, Edgar sat down. Ivy was right. Although he didn't have a close relationship with Mia, she was still his fiancee after all. If he continued to chase after Ivy, wasn't he a hoodlum?

The more Edgar thought about it, the colder his eyes became. He was thinking that he needed to get ri

d of Mia.

When Edgar was lost in his own thoughts, Ivy put a note asking for leave on his desk and turned away quietly.

She was going to see her sister this afternoon

Finally, it was time to go off work. Before Edgar could come out, she walked out of the company directly and called a taxi on the way to get in

Today, Ivy was very happy because she had received the news that her sister, who had always loved her since her childhood, had come back. It was the first time they had contact since her sister had divorced. How could she not be excited?

But in front of a hotel room 283, she hesitated. Why did her sister go to the hotel to meet her? It was a totally strange place.

She got up the courage and knocked on the room 283. But the door was not locked. Ivy thought that might because her sister knew that she would come. She pushed the door and walked in without hesitation

Just then, when she was about to call out the word "sister", she was hit hard on the back of her head. She immediately lost consciousness.

Ten minutes later

Just when Ivy regained her consciousness, she squinted again under the harsh light. At this time, there was still a buzz at the back of her head. It made her feel heartbroken. Her hands were firmly tied behind her. At this moment, she was afraid. Although she was an idiot, she also felt the abnormality here. Her nails pinched the palms of her hands, and tried to force herself to open her eyes.

In her sight, Donna was sitting on the chair in front of her, as arrogant as a lady. There were also several horrible looking men standing behind her.

"Ivy, you didn't expect it, did you! It is me who meet you today. "She stared at Ivy coldly.

"Where is my sister! Where is she? " She was confused. It was her sister who was calling, but why did she see Donna now? Where was her sister!

At this moment, she was really a little afraid. She could feel the cold and dangerous air around her, but she also couldn't understand why Donna caught her. She had no animosity against her. Even though she had a lot of questions, she was still the one who wanted to ask where her sister was?

Looking at Ivy, who was still wandering, Donna suddenly had full of resentment. She looked coldly at Ivy, who was struggling to get rid of being bound. She stood up from the chair and slapped Ivy in the face as hard as she could.

The slap was so hard that her whole face turned to the other side. The left side of her face was instantly swollen and red, and half of her ears were full of buzzing sound.

Donna stared at her face fiercely and shouted, "Ivy, you bitch! You have taken my place! You are just a bumpkin. "

Donna raised her voice, which was as sharp as a knife. "Hem! You idiot, do you know it's me who should be with him, it's me! But your appearance destroyed my hope to be Edgar's wife. How could you? How! "

Hearing her words, Ivy suddenly had an impulse to faint. Shit! It was because of the God of plague. He got her into trouble.

Ivy rolled her eyes at Donna and said, "come on, beauty! Can't you be a little smarter? Don't you see that Edgar already has a fiancee? I have nothing to do with him! "

okay! You don't even admit it! Donna trembled with anger and gave her a heavy kick on the shoulder. Ivy was kicked to the ground. It was so painful that she almost lost her consciousness.

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