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   Chapter 19 Investigation On Ivy!

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In the Time Building.

In the cafe of the Time Building, two people were talking face to face. "My lady, here's the result you asked me to investigate."

The man put the documents on the table, and the lady mentioned by him was Mia. She picked up the documents and read it. She wore a black peaked cap and a black long coat. Patting the table with her hands, she kept thinking about what she saw on the paper.

"It turns out that her name is Ivy. I don't think it is that simple. You can go to check this woman's detailed information and see if there is anything we can use. And find out why she approached Edgar. Maybe she can be our scapegoat! "

She then looked around coldly with her weird eyes and said, "tell that man when you go back that we have successfully completed one small step."

The man frowned, "my lady, with all due respect, why should we investigate Ivy?"

"We can give Edgar a heavy blow only when we find his weakness. Now his identity in the United States is no longer a secret. I think he will disclose to a certain extent. Our information can't pose any threat to him, so we have to find his deadly weakness. "

Then she seemed to remember something and said coldly with a corner of her mouth raised, "by the way, I heard that he insulted a girl named Donna this time by dumping the girl. You go and arrange it. I want to see Donna and then we can cooperate. In general, women's jealousy is frightening. If they get angry, it will be a big deal. We can make use of it. "Edgar, sorry to trouble you! "

"And ask that person to help me deal with those fools in the USA who cheat on me."

"Yes! Besides, my lady, he asked me to tell you, the next target is Edgar's HENGLI group! "

"OK, I see. There is still a month before the next bidding. I will give you the data for entering the bidding next time we meet!"

"Yes! My lady! "

Then, Mia said, "you have prepared the identity information of that person. Is there any problem?"

The man nodded and said, "My lady, please rest assured. No one will doubt whether it is true or not!" The man knew that the lady in front of him was very cunning and resourceful, and she was not like what she looked like.

Then Mia took her bag and was ready to leave. She said to the man, "I'm leaving now. You go out later!" The man nodded.

The two persons in the restaurant were unaware that a conspiracy was quietly taking place.

Usually when a storm came, it was unusually quiet.

Mia came out of the cafe and directly drove to the HENGLI group.

In the CEO office.

"What do you think of the proposal, Edgar?"

There was a slight lip print on the white porcelain coffee cup. With the cold grey shadow raised, Mia, who rested her chin on her hands, looked at the man in front of her who put down the papers.

"Let's not talk about the business plan for the time being. Just tell me, you are not only simply to send me the business plan here today, are you?" She saw that Edgar gazed at her in a gloomy and cold tone and then lazily leaned back on the chair.

Tapping on the proposal with his slender fingers, he knew it wouldn't be that simple to see this woman.

Mia didn't reply. She smiled, her long eyelashes fluttering. Then she stood up and walked towards Edgar,

twisting her snake like waist

When her slender arms wrapped around his neck like agile vines, the long black curly hair, which was as long as seaweed, fell on his shoulder. It rubbed each inch of his skin through the thin shirt

"You are right. The main reason I came to you today is to ask you to help me gain a firm foothold in the CHUANGMEI group!" The low and soft voice sounded like the sounds of nature, which sounded deep and seductive. If she had only worn a dress with an ordinary size of neckline when she had sat before, one can glance at her breast and her slender waist all the way now.

"Do you always seduce men like this?" It was Edgar. He just raised his eyebrows with a false smile.

At the moment, Mia was not in a hurry to explain anything. She just said, "we have been engaged. What are you afraid of?"

Then, with a cold smile on his thin lips, Edgar stretched out his long arm and pulled Mia into his arms. There was no flirtatious expression in his eyes, but only coldness in his eyes. "I didn't expect that after three years, our younger sister has learned how to seduce men. What will he think if he see you like this in heaven? "

Hearing this, Mia was stunned all over. The enchanting eyes became vicious immediately. She raised her twisted cheek and said, "You are not qualified to mention Jonathan. Don't you forget that you killed him? Don't you feel a little guilty in the past three years? "

At the moment, the door was knocked open by a little train which was out of control!

"Boss, you..."

When Ivy rushed into the office, she suddenly saw that there was another person in the office. She was stunned in the wind!

Looking at one thing, Ivy felt a little embarrassed. She laughed. "Oh, I don't mean it. I'm sorry to disturb you, but it doesn't matter. Just ignore me. You go on, go on!"

Then, she turned around, and when she walked out, she closed the door deliberately.

Seeing this scene, Ivy felt depressed. As she walked, she said to herself secretly, "Ivy, they are a couple. It's none of your business. Why are you depressed?

At the thought of this, Ivy patted her face, calmed herself down and returned to her position.

At the same time, in the CEO's office, Edgar was watching Ivy leave.

Edgar pushed Mia away and roared, "get out! "

Then, Mia stood up calmly and said coldly with a weird smile, "it seems that I guessed it right. That woman is your weakness! There must be a good show to watch! "

When she was about to take her bag and leave, Edgar warned her in a cold tone, "you'd better not touch her. Otherwise, I will destroy you!"

"Really! I'll wait! Don't forget your identity over there. I think you really don't want to make it an obstacle for you to stay here! Then she left in a calm manner.

Edgar leaned against the chair and thought for a long time. Then he picked up the phone on the table and dialed a number. "Zoe, ask Ivy to bring me a cup of coffee!"

The person who was making coffee in the tea room was in a dilemma. Just now, Zoe told her to bring the coffee to the CEO. Therefore, she was upset. She thought that maybe she would be scolded for bothering her boss! God knew she was to ask her boss about Myron's position. But now, she was disturbing him!

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