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   Chapter 17 Edgar's Anger!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 5022

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She suddenly remembered that someone had said that those whose finger was too clean and tidy were picky at character.

"Are you telling me that you want to bribe me to help him get a job through the backdoor? "

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at Ivy beside him. Although his lips were full of ridicule, his deep eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of thin fog, and there was a faint chill.

"In fact, it wasn't a back door! It was obvious that Myron really wanted to work in the HENGLI group, so I wonder if I can do him a favor. He said that he was willing to work in the HENGLI group even for the most inferior job. "

Ivy shrugged and said lightly.

Anyway, we used to be classmates. We naturally helped when we were in trouble. If we really can't help, then we should at least try our best, right?

When she was lowering her head, a sudden brake came. All of a sudden, Ivy was pulled over by a pair of long arms in the halfway towards the front windshield. Before she came to her senses, she felt the back of her neck a little hot. The rough skin of fingers rubbed against her skin, making her feel numb and comfortable.

As she was subconsciously curling her neck, his deft fingers timely lifted her chin.

Seeing that Edgar's face was as dark as ink, Ivy still smiled and asked, "boss, will you help me or not?"

"You want to help him. Tell me, what's your relationship?"

He gently pinched her chin with his slender fingers and gently rubbed her sexy lips. With a soft voice, he coaxed her into standing closer and caressing her ear gently with his teeth. His eyes were as sharp as a knife when he looked at her!

This feeling He was like a snow wolf that had lived on the top of a mountain full of ice and snow for many years. Although his body was much warmer than the cold ice and snow, the chill he brought out made you feel colder than ice and snow!

Was he angry?

Fine! he was angry again! But why! 'for Myron?'?

Ivy really wanted to spit on him. How should he mind her own business? Didn't he have a fiancee?

Why would he bother to take care of her? Did he really have a crush on her?

Ivy slapped away Edgar's hand and said with a charming smile, "boss, don't tell me you are jealous."

Squinting at her, Edgar said, "Ivy, what if, I say yes?"

"Fuck. Do you have a crush on me? Don't you have a fiancee? Yes? You want me to be your mistress! However! I'm not interested! "

With a darkened face, Edgar clenched his teeth and said, "Ivy

, can't you just be polite?"

Ivy rolled her eyes at him and replied, "I didn't mean that, boss! I just said something in Chinese!"

Hearing that, Edgar felt that he would be pissed off to death if he had one more word with her at the moment!

So, he glanced at her coldly and said, "shut up, Ivy!"

Ivy, "..."

what the hell! She wondered why her boss was always so fond of getting angry!

However, Ivy just curled her lips to show her discontent! What's the big deal!

After a while, it was too quiet in the car. Edgar cleared his throat and asked, "what's the name of your senior?"

Ivy just pursed her lips and didn't say anything.

Brows knitted, Edgar scolded, "are you fucking deaf? Say something! "

At last, she couldn't stand him anymore. She took a deep breath, opened her mouth and said, "what the hell is wrong with you, Edgar! You made me shut up, and now you asked me to speak. What do you mean? "

With a darkened face, Edgar turned his head and snorted, "who's wrong?"

When Angie was about to speak, she saw that Edgar suddenly grabbed her hand and threw her into the air.

Ivy gritted her teeth, "I'm wrong! Okay? Give my phone back! "

She had saved money for a month to buy that cell phone. It was so precious!

He threw the phone on her legs casually.


His low and lazy voice interrupted her. His fingers seemed to caress her lips casually, but in fact, they were like depicted, and rubbed on her lips in circles until his thin lips were only a few millimeters from his fingers

"This is the last time."


my god! His eyelashes were long, and his dark green eyes reflected his extremely handsome face. He was just like a male Barbie doll! Those cold eyes made her tremble as if she had been cursed!

"For the last time, speak for another man in front of me."

Ivy nodded her head stiffly. Why? She was so unreasonable! I work for him. But I don't belong to him. Why can't I mention others? It didn't make sense? Why was the God of plague so domineering!

When she was still struggling with the question, Edgar asked casually, "Ivy, what are you thinking about! Why are you standing still? "

"I just wonder if there is something out of your control that makes you so angry."

He thought that she just cared about him. He smiled and nodded.

Suddenly, Ivy was in chaos. Out of control? Could it be that

Ivy flipped her hair and said, "well, Edgar, do you really have impotence?"

Edgar was speechless, "..."

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