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   Chapter 16 Meet An Old Acquaintance!

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When Ivy came to the Time Building

she was shopping in boredom.

Just then.


Someone called her. It sounded confused and uncertain.

Just because of this familiar voice, Ivy suddenly turned around. The confusion in her eyes only lasted for three seconds and then her eyes suddenly lit up!


As the man approached, her heart was beating violently, and her white face was also stained with a cute flush.

The man in a white shirt looked surprised and happy.

Her beautiful face reminded her of her old days in high school. At that time, Myron was the most outstanding one in both basketball and study.

To get acquainted with Myron, she had worked so hard to contribute articles to the studio every two days. She had made full use of all the books she had read those days and racked her brains.

Well, she admitted that she had a crush on him secretly. At that time, Myron was very good to his girlfriend. She didn't dare to snatch Myron from his girlfriend.

But after he fell in love with another boy, this funny and glorious achievement was cancelled.

"Are you buying something?"

Looking at the two pairs of super cute slippers in her hand, Myron seemed to be able to guess her mind. After thinking for a while, he pointed at the pink piggy slippers on her left hand with a smile.

"I like this pair. Your skin is white and pink. I remember that you liked this kind of color before."

There were few boys as gentle and considerate as Myron in the world! If it were Edgar, he would not only not choose a color for her, but definitely mock and belittle her! Why did she suddenly think of him?

Although she was surprised, when she came to her senses, they were already sitting in a cafe.

"It has been a long time since we graduated from high school. I just graduated from university and have applied for postgraduate entrance exam. I hope I can find a job here. what about you? How is she doing? I remember that you were interested in the literature in high school. Are you still interested in it now? "

She watched him taking a sip of his coffee gracefully and looking at his smiling face in the reflection of the glass. She was a little shy and rubbed her hands, "In fact, there was something wrong when we were in the senior high school. I decided to not study the literature after coming out of the school.

"Oh, I see. What a pity. What are you doing now? "

He glanced at Ivy and pushed his glasses up his nose. He suddenly became a little depressed.

"I work as the CEO's assistant in the HENGLI group."

"What? The HENGLI group? Is it that famous HENGLI group, the giant enterprise in many companies?"

Hearing these two words, there's suddenly a dim light in Myron's eyes and he leaned forward.

Seeing the upright man in front of her, she nodded.

"Ivy, this is my name card. Now that you are working for the HENGFL group, can you do me a favor?"

Taking out a business card from the pocket of the shirt and handing it to Ivy, Myron said seriously.

"To be honest, I really want to go to the HENGLI group. It's my favorite and admiring group. Even if I have to start from the bottom of the company, I am willing to. I think that only by staying there can my dream and my ambition be realized. For this matter, Ivy, you must help me. "

The h

and holding her made Ivy's heart skip a beat. Before she could react, the phone on the table rang loudly.

"Ivy, where are you?"

A low and angry voice came through the other side of the phone. "Where are you now? I am going to pick you up and show you something."

He interrupted her imagination. Before hanging up the phone, Ivy looked around carefully and found a menu before she gave the name of the restaurant they were in.

"Is that your boyfriend?"

She looked at the man in front of her with a smile. Myron slightly raised the corners of his lips. His long narrow eyes were full of dense and bright sunshine.

"No, of course not! I don't have a boyfriend yet! "

Ivy's face turned red and she shook her head like a rattle drum. At the next moment, a warm hand covered her face again. The trust and tenderness in her eyes almost made her breathless.

"Ivy, please help me with this matter. I will go to your company to apply for a job in a few days. You should know that you have always been the person I trust most in my heart."

That was the only sentence she heard from Myron. When she got into Edgar's car, she was still dazed and immersed in it. While at the same time, Edgar was driving the car. He turned around and raised his eyebrows when he saw the silly look on her face. There was a hint of sadness in his sharp eyes

The name card was still in her hand.

"What's that?"

He ran out of the engagement party, but this silly woman, Ivy, ran across the road. She quickly got on a taxi, so he didn't catch her up. Originally, he wanted to explain the engagement, but when he saw the name card in her hand, he immediately swallowed his words.

He said in an indifferent tone, as if he was asking a haughty question, even though he had seen a person coming towards him. And his indifference was just because he squinted at her The name on the business card


A man's name.

"Boss, can we talk about something! Since you are the CEO of the HENGLI group, it means that no one can say no to your small request, right? "

Like a little child who just recovered from what had happened, Ivy grabbed the business card in her hand and turned her little head to look at Edgar, who was standing beside her, worriedly.

Noticing the nervous look in her eyes, Edgar raised his eyebrows and knocked on the steering wheel with his slender fingers.

"First, I don't like the way you call me. There are absolute flattery in it, so please return to normal. Second, hiring an employee is a matter of the HR department. I'm not going to participate in it. "

As the thin lips of Edgar closed, Ivy's shoulders suddenly collapsed. Such a small movement made the man who was driving the car frown slightly, as if he had a long sideways eye.

The meaning of not participated in this issue is that he won't interfere in the recruitment? 'He was not in charge of recruitment means that I can't get any help from him?

Thinking of Myron's earnest and trusting eyes before he left, Ivy suddenly felt that she was in a mess!

"What do you want to say?"

She glanced quickly at Edgar who was focusing on driving. She stared at his beautiful fingers which held the steering wheel.

Then she started to tell the story about Myron to Edgar, neglecting her great achievement in high school.

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